The Invite


This painting was created at one of our weekly Art Soakings at one of our husband and wife Team Members’ home.

The meaning I feel is fairly obvious.

At the center of the painting rests a bridge in the shape of a cross.

There are two sides, the dark side and the multicolored light side, pointing to a profound and recognizable difference to all who view it. …For what has darkness in common with light or light with darkness…

Yet the bridge reaches into the darkness as well, making it possible for all to make the choice to “cross over.” Jesus descended into hell and set the captives free.

The words “CROSSOVER” are an invite, a beckoning to whomever is on the dark-side. The dark-side representing sin, despair, and death. It is written in red pointing to access gained through the blood of Christ.

The hand superimposed reaching, stretching out, speaks of “going for it!” It stands for a willingness to do our parts to get us to our destination/s; transparency is signified pointing to humility and truth.

The hand stands for being an instrument of work, service, spirituality, and ministry activities that fulfill the Word/Will of God through sacrificial service.

The word “STRETCH” written out on the hand points to the unveiling of hidden things and making them obvious for all to see and understand.

The red outline stands for the sacrifice of the “self” that is required in order to be given and then receive the gift of grace facilitating the ability to “STRETCH!” or “go for it!”

The five fingers representing the gift of grace and devotion which comes through the five-fold ministry-Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, and Teachers, the five pillars that support the structure of the church (Eph. 4:11)

The cross points to His sinless sacrifice for our sins and the spots of white signify His purity amidst the road of humility (brown).

L. King


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