The Fruitful Vine


On our weekly Wednesday night meetings we gather for prayer, intercession, and fellowship. On this particular night we discussed “unity,” I felt led to paint a heart symbolic of unity.I thought of the many times we have gathered as a group; good times, bad times, lean times, and times of plenty, through our various seasons of growth as a “team.”

These have been times of bonding, times of vulnerability, and times of transparency, all equaling to greater and deeper bonds as siblings in Christ Jesus.

I thought of times of warfare when we have held each other’s arms up and persevered against incredible odds produced by the enemy.

As I pondered on these truths, I saw in the spirit the big heart begin to grow a vine. This vine kept growing longer and longer. I saw it start to bear fruit in the form of many little hearts. The big heart itself started to shoot out these bolts of colors in form of flames and I saw a circle of gold and blue swirls form below the flames.

When I finished the rough sketch I looked at it and asked God, “Father speak to me of “unity” as you know it.

This is what I received.

Revelation comes from God alone. The “big” heart is symbolic of the heart of God; it speaks of life, everything good and holy in Christ stems from here. God’s heart is the altar where we worship in spirit and in truth (Hebrews 13:9-10, Jeremiah 17:1). It is only here where true unity exists and stems from.

The vine growing from it at the bottom stands for spiritual fertility from the heart of God. It is also indicative of requiring constant and intensive care.

Vines are seen as expressions of God’s favor. It is how God’s love is shed abroad and amongst each other.

The smaller hearts speak of our unity as believers. As human beings we experience emotions, affections, desires, and all kinds of feelings. Our behaviors, emotions, conduct, and experiences all stem from our hearts (Matt 15:9). The heart is also that which gives light to the body, it is its light source. In this case it is “Light” with a capital “L.”

As a people of God we all receive life and nutrition from Him. We are linked together by the “Life Force” Jesus Christ. While we may grow into different sizes and at different rates, spiritually, emotionally and physically, we remain within the vine (Jesus) and thus continue to be linked with one another, where we grow side by side being constantly fed by His ongoing love.

In order to have unity we must remain on the vine and within His care.

The vine stemming from the Father’s heart is also representative of reproduction and life giving source from which we remain attached to Him through the spiritual umbilical cord (the vine). Unlike human situations at childbirth, this cord is never severed, although unseen by human eyes, our spiritual eyes witness this truth as we experience growth in going from “glory to glory.”

The gold and blue swirls speak of the ongoing process of sanctification as we come into the revelation of true unity. This revelation being that in order for “true” unity to exist with each other, it must first exist with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

The purple rays speak of His royal authority

The gold speaks of being sanctified

The red speaks of the blood of Christ and sacrifice

Unity in Christ consists of all of these, we are “a royal priesthood,” we have been and continue to be sanctified by Christ. We must know and understand sacrifice especially when it comes to our siblings in Christ. Unity in Christ knows no bounds.

L King


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