Step Into It


“Step Into It” was received at a Wednesday prayer meeting. The group had been sharing thoughts about God’s grace. Not wanting to stray mentally I tried to push this picture into the background but realized pretty quick (God’s insistence), that I needed to draw a rough sketch of what I was seeing or I was going to forget it.

As I sketched the vision I started to get a “download” of its meaning. Here is what I received.

The rain is outlined in silver speaking of our redemption, which has come through God’s sacrifice alone. The rain and raindrops are gold pointing to being bought with a price through His shed blood and the grace that He covers us with on an ongoing basis.

The puddles are outlined in brown speaking of our humanity and the humility that is required and needed in coming to recognize our human frailty.

The puddles are filled in with some shades of dark blue pointing to our own blue and depressing states, without God, without hope.

The light blue mixed in with the dark speaks of the revelation given of God transforming our previous existence of a depressive one into a more positive one, at the same time, pointing to the fact that we are a work in progress.

The white mixed in with the different shades of blue speaks of our final outcome, should we make the decision to follow Him, He will make us “white as snow.”

The ripples are a series of multiple colors of blue and white mixed in with gold and silver, pointing to purity, refinement, and redemption.

The foot “stepping into it,” speaks of acceptance and submission to His will. The “stepping into it,” has caused a radical turn of events symbolized by the waves of the splash surrounding the foot. The foot itself points to being carriers of the Gospel of peace and humility.

 Step Into It

 Golden grace ever flowing

…New destinies unfolding

“Grace like rain falling

down on me!”

Breakthrough being revealed…


The glory of God awaits you…

…Revelation knocking on your



Holy saturation
coming your way…

covering you,

drenching you…

Head to toe,

Inside, outside…


Divine destinies awaiting

For the Sons of God.

By Lupe King


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