Judah’s Roar Children’s Church Artwork – 2/14/09‏

Our children have been studying the Ten Commandments since the school year started; we are on Commandment # 6 DO NOT MURDER.

We discussed how the world elevates death through war, abortion, suicide and homicide and the different avenues it does this through; Headlines in newspapers, TV/theaters, songs, literature, internet, etc, etc.

In our project time of Children’s Church we felt the need to elevate life as Jesus gives it, by drawings, paintings, and/or writings. Each child was given a word, or a verse from the bible that elevates life and were lead to pray about the word or verse they had picked and ask God for guidance so He would impress upon them what He wanted them to draw, paint and/or write.



The title says it all, within this circle speaking of covenant, are words that speak life within the circle the words, gifts, peace love, etc. The butterfly speaks of Rebirth, the doves symbolize peace and fidelity in the Holy Spirit, the ring symbolizes commitment to Him, and a crown of thorns speaking of our many sins and curses that He bore on the cross for us, both the ring and the crown speak of covenant love and life.

“Esther Goes Before the King” by Emma Sidell


Emma was given the word, “LIFE,” and felt led to the Book of Esther in The Old Testament.

This portrait represents self-sacrifice and courage amidst the threat of persecution and death.

The scepter being handed to Esther represents life and justice and is indicative of the reward for faithfulness.

It is the staff/rod of royalty pertaining to kingdom, spiritual dominion, eagle like supremacy, immortality, wisdom, and illumination possessed by the bearer of the scepter, in this case the king represents ruler-ship and authority.

The scepter and the background are gold speaking of refinement of the spirit, royalty, transcendence, and it is representative of the spirit, wealth, and spiritual power.

Esther is wearing a red robe speaking of God’s cover and protection, her kneeling symbolizing submission, humility and supplication.

“Speak Life” by Jasmine Cruz


 As you can see, the picture is surrounded by words of love, encouragement and affirmations. The word received here is to “Bless those that curse you…” And the very words “SPEAK LIFE” are written in boldness upon lips/mouth, which are symbolic of testimony, signifying that death and life are within the power of the words we speak.

 “Rebirth” by Juliana, Elijah and Lexi


This artwork was created by three of our youngest students: Juliana, Elijah, and Lexi, along with some adult help.

In elevating life they chose a black background indicative of death and superimposed upon it colors and symbols that speak of life and movement.

Butterflies, symbolizing rebirth and new life found only in Christ.

Flowers are indicative of God’s creative force, tokens of love, victory and goodwill. They are also representative of Spring, which stands for new beginnings and the blossoming of human existence.

Leaves speak of healing, words of affirmation, encouragement, blessing, God’s covering, and renewal.

The multi-colored heart at the top center speaks of the heart of God concerning life, His royalty and authority surrounded by His fiery love.

“Freely Given, Freely Give” by Tiffany Cruz


In this painting the artist has chosen to give “Grace” literally as hands hold a” heart” out, symbolizing the center of being, life, emotions, and motivations (1Tim 1:5). Hands signifying strength, power, action, and possession (Jn 10:28, 1 Tim 2:8) are stretched upward symbolizing a surrender and a giving back to God for a “refilling,” that there may be a continual giving out to others.

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