Resurrection Power


I have gone through a season where the Lord has had me create artwork with camouflaged backgrounds. Camouflage stands for battle and warfare.

In this particular painting He led me to paint butterflies amidst the camouflage.

The butterflies, which signify freedom, rebirth and new life, are empowered by the “fire” of God, which consumes the darkness. The flight of the butterflies amidst the camouflage is symbolic of life defeating death. When Christ arose from the dead, He arose in power and burst forth from the spiced tomb victoriously! “Death could not hold Him down; therefore death cannot hold us down!

The flames at the bottom signify the power of God ushering us forward into battle with boldness and courage.

Like the butterfly, as children of God, we may appear delicate, and fragile to the world. Through the eyes of God, however, we carry His Presence inside of us, thus we are a threat to the enemy and a force to be reckoned with.

You have probably already noticed that there are three butterflies; the #3 stands for our Triune God and speaks of indivisible power and invincibility.

L King

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