Honoring Through Protocol

By Dan Goddard

Honoring through: Protocol/gifting

 Scriptural references:

Proverbs 18:16

Genesis 14:18-20

1st Kings 10:1-13

Genesis 24 (all)

Matthew 2:10-11

 (Acts 17:24-27) is the basis of protocol/honor based on territories and People Groups.

 (Romans 13:7) addresses the principal of respect/honor.

 (1st Corinthians 12:26)  When 1 member of a Family/tribe/ People Group is honored; the whole Group is honored.

 Important Points!

 * First Peoples of the America’s have suffered 500 years of dishonor and broken trust. The same applies to Indigenous Peoples around the world.

 * Culturally speaking; fewer words speak louder than many words.

 *Walk softly (humility/sensitivity/respect/listen).

 *Be real, and speak from your heart; not from your head.

 ** Ask permission from those in authority to minister/walk the land etc.; when you come onto a new territory for the first time.

Bring them your protocol gifts at this time.

 ** Ask permission, don’t break down the door!

 Practical application of doing public protocol:

 *Always wear/carry/ eat/ etc. the gifts that you receive.

 *Generally speaking, you will be protocoled first if you are the invited guests; then you respond after you have been honored as individuals or a group.

If you are the hosts, then you begin the protocol of your guests.

 ** Remember that we need to follow the Holy Spirit, and not be legalistic!

 * Pray about the gifts that you bring and give to people. Then explain the significance of the gifts that you are giving to the individual. Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you.

 ** Always honor those in authority (governmental/spiritual) whether or not they are Christians! Recognize Elders, those who have sacrificed, and those that the Holy Spirit may point out to you.

 ** When choosing gifts; the value of the gift is based on the sacrifice/cost to the giver. Value is not only based on monetary value, but on the significance of the gift to the one giving it away.

 *The more personal/sacrificial the gift, the more powerful the statement of honor when it is given.

 **The ultimate example is Father God giving us his Son, and his Holy Spirit.