God’s Glory Revealed Through Confrontation

by Dan Goddard

From Genesis to Revelation the glory of God was revealed in times of confrontation between darkness and light. Danger, persecution and the impossible are the arenas that God often chooses to reveal His heart and His power.

The power of the enemy is never broken without confrontation: confrontation between good and evil, darkness and light, lies and truth, disease and life, hatred and love, poverty and provision, the impossible and faith, sin and forgiveness, shame and acceptance, captivity and freedom, defeat and destiny.

·        We will never be free from the darkness of sin, lies that we believe, fear of man, or our wounded hearts without God confronting us in the very area of our brokenness and bondage.

·        God’s glory is revealed in our lives to the extent that we are healed and free; to the extent that His image is seen in us.

·        Humility and a passion for wholeness and freedom are the keys to embracing the confrontation and shaking that occur when the light and truth of God’s presence comes into our lives.

** God confronts us because He loves us!

As we embrace the confrontation and shaking that sets us free, Father begins to release us into our destiny to confront the darkness around us.

God is not punishing or testing us when we are placed into situations of confrontation. To the contrary, He believes in us and wants us to carry and reveal His glory in the darkness around us.

God is light (Love, Truth, Blessing, Honor, Forgiveness, Reconciliation, Purity, Generosity, Sacrifice, Courage, Strength, and Tenderness).

 ** (1st John 1:5-7) – Our fellowship with God is only intimate to the extent that we walk in the light!

In every confrontation between darkness and light; the destiny of the situation is to reveal God’s glory. Sometimes, Father allows the enemy to confront us and shake us to our very core. At other times He sends us out to confront the enemy. Either way; God’s glory is revealed when we come against the darkness in the opposite Spirit.

·        Honor God!

·        Never compromise!

·        It is neither pride nor a lack of love to confront the darkness in a person, family, church, city, or a Nation; the key to bringing life is to carry the Father’s heart.

Scripture references

(Hebrews 12:25-29)  (John 1:1-5) (John 3:19-21)


(Acts 26:14-18) God confronted Saul, set him free, and then commissioned him to confront the powers of darkness.

(2nd Corinthians 3:7-4:7) We are called to have our veils removed (get set free from sin and shame) then step out and minister that Glory to those around us.

(Ephesians 5:1-14) We are called to expose the very lies and darkness that once held us captive.

·        This is why God unrelentingly exposes us to the light.

 (Examples of confrontation revealing God’s Glory in the Nations.)

(Isaiah 60:1-4)  Read!

(Isaiah 61:1-4)  Read!

(1 Kings 18) -Elijah on Mount Carmel.

(Daniel 3)-Golden image and the furnace.

Joseph, Gideon, Ester, Deborah, Moses, Abraham, Samuel and the list goes on.