Freedom From Judgement

By Dan Goddard


(Matthew 7:1-2) (Luke 6:37-38)

The authority to judge, here on earth; is reserved for those with legal power in the area of civil and criminal courts.

They receive their authority from the governments that they represent; who in turn, hold authority over them.

 God Himself, oversees and establishes human government on earth; by His wisdom, and for His purposes! (Romans 13:1-3)

The human legal system; is limited to judging according to human laws, which bring either condemnation or freedom; based on human perspective.

 Christians; as sons and daughters of Father God; are also given authority. Our authority comes directly from God Himself who is Judge of heaven and earth.

Our authority is not given to bring any form of judgment on earth. Nor is it given to condemn the guilty, or even accuse them!

  There is a day coming, when judgment will be released on earth by our Father. There is also a final “Day of Judgment” for all who have ever lived. (Court will be held in heaven.) (Revelations 20:11-15)

 Our authority is functional to the extent that we are walking in obedience, and intimacy with Jesus Christ who lives within us by His Spirit!

  This authority is given to us to reveal Jesus as Savior, God as our Father, and to release life to the captives, sick, and broken in the same way as Jesus did! (Acts 1:7-8) (2nd Corinthians 10: 8 and 13:10)

 Jesus Himself did not come to earth to judge and condemn; but rather to heal, restore, and liberate. (John 3:17-18 and 12:44-50)

 Jesus clearly forbids Christians to judge, accuse, and condemn; because this is a misuse of His authority.

His authority is given to us; to break the power of Satan over the lives of those that he has taken captive in any form; to heal bodies and hearts; and to restore all that has been destroyed by sin.

 When we have a judgmental, condemning and accusing attitude, we are entering into agreement with Satan himself. By doing so, we actually begin to strengthen his kingdom of death and deception.

When we enter into this pattern of judgment, we not only join the “Accuser of the Brethren”: we find ourselves opposing God Himself!

(Romans 2:1-5) (Revelations 12:10)

 When we live with a judgmental heart, we are crossing a spiritual boundary that is reserved for God alone.

In other words, we are usurping authority, and opening a door that should never be opened into our lives.

When we open this door, it is not only our evil attitudes that flow outward: the evil intent of other people, and Satan himself; have a legal right to flow back into our lives.

When we judge and accuse; we are opening a door that is meant to stay closed for our own protection!

Jesus taught us to bless those who curse us, and to pray for our enemies.

This is how we keep the door to evil closed, and protect our selves from curses.

 The only way to close the doors that we have opened is to repent:

We need to ask Father God to forgive us, as well as those we have spoken judgment to.

Finally, we need to begin to bless and pray for those we have judged; so that we can walk in blessing and protection from the “Evil One”