The Prayer of Sons

by Dan Goddard

John 11:38-44

The prayer movement; along with conferences, teachings, books and DVDs on the subject of prayer have seen explosive growth in the last ten years. This is a wonderful sign that God is preparing His church for a great harvest of souls: for historically, prayer has always preceded revival, and has been the sustaining force that brings continued growth to the Kingdom of God, along with societal transformation.
I believe that there is great value in all of these resources; as well as teaching the different principals and models of prayer; including looking at the historical testimonies of prayer warriors.  But; there is also a trap present to ensnare us, when we have so much information available.  The problem is not with the resources; but rather, within our own hearts and minds: specifically in our relationship with God.

**My relationship with God will greatly affect the way that I pray! The more intimate my relationship with God; the more passionate and powerful my prayer will be!
**Formulas, methods and striving are the traps we fall into when we are not in intimate relationship with God!
Example:  I cannot have an intimate relationship with my Bible!  My Bible is a wonderful gift that reveals truth about who God is, what He has done, what He desires to do etc.  It even stirs me to hunger for greater truth and intimacy with Him.  In fact; I find that I become desperate to experience the intimacy and adventure that I read about in the Bible; because information does not satisfy.  The same applies to all the awesome resources that are out there to equip me.  Their value is that they stir up faith and hunger to have my own powerful encounter with God.

Prayer however, is meant to be relational communication, not a tool to accomplish a job!
The life in prayer is Heart to Heart, and Spirit to Spirit!  God does not share His heart for my calling and destiny through what He did for the guy down the street any more than my wife would photo copy a neighbor’s love letter and give it to me to say that she loves me.

**God wants my heart, my longing, my desire, my cry for understanding and direction, my listening to His heart, and my declaration of His will and purpose because I have been sitting at His feet!
**God is a personal God who wants to reveal His strategy for my intercession, to me, one on one.
Father God will not accept that I relate to Him through the strategies that He gave some one else; for their situation; and their destiny.
This is why the depth of intimacy that I share with God will determine what I intercede for, and how I intercede!
**When we come before God, we intercede from one of two positions:  1) As an orphan/slave before his master; or 2) as sons and daughters before their Father.
(Matthew 6:9-10), (Mark 14:35-36), (Luke 11:11-13), (John 15:14-17), (John 16:12-15), (Romans 8:15-16)
**(Galatians 3:26-4:7), **(1John 3:12)

True intercession is the heart cry of sons and daughters who join Jesus before their Father’s throne to declare His will, His heart, His purposes and His authority.  then, in agreement with His heart that they so intimately share; they say: “Let your Kingdom come! Let the blind see! Let the deaf heart! Let the lame walk! Let the captives go! Let those in mourning rejoice!”

**”Give us our inheritance in the Nations!”

How do I pray?

Slave/Orphan                         OR                   Son/Daughter

1)  Fear of rejection                   or                        Confidence and trust
2)  Self centered                         or                        Seeks the Father’s will
3)  Demanding                           or                        Thankful
4)  Hopeful                                 or                         Full of Faith
5)  Begs for response                or                         Declare the Father’s heart
6)  Negotiates                             or                         Is vulnerable
7)  Has an agenda                      or                         Has the Father’s heart
8)  In control                              or                         Emotional prayer
9)  Prays out of frustration      or                         Prays out of compassion
10)Legalistic                               or                         Passionate
11)Manipulates                          or                         Liberates
12)Focuses on attacking          or                         Speaks life
13)Uses scripture to twist        or                        Uses scripture to prophecy life
       God’s arm
14)Is satisfied with answers    or                        Longs for intimacy
15)Sees prayer as a job and     or                        Sees prayer as fellowship and
      answers as the pay                                          answers as blessing
16)Uses prayer to increase      or                        Intercedes to build their
       their own influence                                       Father’s Kingdom and
                                                                                 influence the lost.

Prayer time:  Ephesians 1:15-22