The Power of Honor

by Dan Goddard

(Luke 19:1-10) Jesus honors Zacchaeus by asking to eat in his home. This man was a crook; cheating and betraying his own people, yet; Jesus the Rabbi and the Son of God wants to have a meal and fellowship with him.

Q – Why would Jesus associate with this man?

A – Because Jesus came to set captives free and heal broken hearts.

 (Isaiah 61: 1-8) Jesus hung out with prostitutes, thieves, and liars and their lives were changed forever.

 ** (Luke 19:9) this is the key!

Jesus as the perfect manifestation of the Father saw a son when He looked at Zacchaeus.

* Jesus honored him!

*Jesus spoke life to him!

The result was Zacchaeus’s heart being transformed by one encounter of the Fathers love.

 Years of shame, rejection and self gratification fell to the ground in one encounter with Jesus.

Q- How did honoring Zacchaeus transform his life?

1- Honor released joy into his life.

2- Honor exposed his heart.

3- Honor brought conviction of sin.

4- Honor released generosity.

5- Honor released true restitution.

(Ezekiel 11:19-20) We are promised a new heart.

(John 3:16-21) The light does not come to condemn us but to free us and restore us.

* We must step into the light to receive the life!

* (Matthew 3:16- 4:1) Jesus was publicly honored by His Father.

It gave the man Jesus the strength and vision to face unbelievable temptation, opposition and suffering. Our Father created us to honor and be honored because honor is part of the image of God within us.

Ex. the Son honors the Father and the Father honors the Son.

*** Honoring is not flattery!

*** It is not pride to accept honor!

Flattery and pride are heart attitudes; honor is part of the image of God that must be restored in our lives.

My Story

For many years my wife would say and do or not say and not do certain things that would cause me great frustration. I would often feel anger rise up in me as well as a sense of being dishonored.  This caused a lot of friction in our relationship at times. For many months I pleaded with God to show me the root of all this turmoil. He replied “You were not honored as a child growing up. As a teenager and young adult you were dishonored in school, your home and by many employers.  As an adult you were dishonored by church leaders, family and friends. As a result you have begun to seek to be honored and are frustrated when that does not happen.

You also feel deep pain when you think that someone is trying to dishonor you.

 “Allow me as your Father to honor you and give you my blessing so that your broken heart can be healed. When you carry my honor, you will never seek to be honored by man.”  Father set me free that day and as I shared with my wife, I felt a burden lift off of me that I had carried for many years.

Scriptures that address Honor

(Proverbs 15:33)

(Romans 12:10)

Example: (Matthew 23:1-11)

** Seeking after honor is a trap that leads to pride and destruction!

(John 7:18)

(John 8:50)

(John 8:54)

** Jesus was publicly honored by His Father at His baptism and on

the strength of that blessing, was able to live His life on earth with

one goal in mind :  to honor His Father and give Him Glory!

*** (2 Peter 1:17)