The Power of a Thankful Heart

by Dan Goddard

All too often the concept of thankfulness has been relegated to saying thank you to people for gifts and acts of kindness, prayer at meal time and celebrating “Thanksgiving” once a year.

Nothing could be further from the truth when we study the word of God.  “Thanksgiving” did not start with Christian Quakers living in the U.S.; nor is it simply a yearly festival of some sort. No; it began thousands of years ago with the “Children of Israel”; as a
commandment from the Lord and a style of life.
 (2 Chronicles 29:1-36): This chapter recounts the restoration of the Temple, with the sacrifices and worship, according to the model that King David had received from the Lord. (Verse: 31) is central to the whole purpose of the Temple consecration and the people dedicating themselves to the Lord:
now they were prepared to present their required sacrifices and thank offerings to the Lord. Furthermore; this released a generosity that went beyond what the law required, and they brought an overwhelming amount of burnt offerings, fellowship offerings and drink offerings.

What was the process that led to this great breakthrough for the “Children of Israel”?

1-They began with sin offerings (for their cleansing).

2- Next, burnt offerings (for their dedication to the Lord).

3- Then, personal sacrifices (to own the transition).

4- Then, thank offerings (to release their hearts).

5- This led to fellowship offerings (in corporate unity).

6- And finally, drink offerings (with a pouring out of wine).

*** This is an incredible Old Testament example of breakthrough and transformation; and thankful hearts are central to the revival that came!

What are the consequences of a grumbling and ungrateful heart?

(Psalms 106:19-29): describes the bondage and aborted destiny of the “Children of Israel” when they had rebellious and complaining hearts towards God and their leaders.

*** Grumbling, complaining lips and sinful hearts; are never far apart!

(Psalms 100): a thankful heart leads us into God’s presence, and releases pure worship.

(Colossians 2:6-7): builds maturity into our lives).

*** (Psalms 50:23): a thankful heart brings breakthrough, and is the determining factor in our destiny.

The word for “salvation” is Yesa; and means: to save, liberty, deliverance, help, salvation, freedom, welfare and prosperity.

Prayer: Father, thank you for exposing the sin of complaining and unbelief in my life! I realize that this attitude walks hand in hand with rebellion; which is like the sin of witch craft (1 Samuel15:23). Please forgive me, and cleanse my heart! I ask you to fill
me with joy Holy Spirit, and give me a thankful heart.I renounce all complaining, negative, critical and judgmental attitudes in my life. I renounce any ties I have made with the
enemy through these attitudes, and any ungodly vows that I may have made; knowingly or unknowingly.
I now close all doors to the past, and command the doors of my destiny to open in Jesus’ name! I declare this to be a day of breakthrough in my life and family!