The Key to Financial Provision

by Daniel Garvin

Last month I started complaining to the Lord that I’ve been involved in bringing in and building His Kingdom on earth through various ministries, yet the finances have not been there to provide for the travel, food, etc.  Also every month we are struggling to meet our various financial obligations, such as house payments, utilities, and gas etc. My complaint sounded like this: “If we are doing your bidding on earth to bring in your kingdom, and you are the wealthiest being in the universe, why am I underpaid for my services? Am I not praying hard enough, what is it?”

Then my thoughts turned to the means of sending out prayer letters with financial appeals for the ministry.  I don’t want to be like those who falsely promise great increase, or healing, or even more wisdom, with every gift. I feel that to look to the Body of Christ to finance these ministries, is to put my focus in the wrong place. “So what do I do Lord?”

I decided to bring the whole matter before the throne through soaking worship. As I was engulfed in worship, suddenly the voice of Yahweh spoke very clearly, “Look to the Head of the Body, and not to the Body!” This truth penetrated right into my spirit. “Lord teach me how this is done.” Then I recalled how great mission organizations like World Evangelization Crusade (WEC) operated on this principle. Names like CT Studd, Reese Howells and Norman Grubb flowed in this principle of financial provision. They together with the intercessors at the Bible Collage of Wales were strong in having the faith that God gave (Mark 11:22&23). I’ll never forget my time praying at this Bible College, and meeting for prayer with the director of WEC, Norman Grubb. During our conversation at one point he was covered with a bright light, and began talking to someone else in the room. It was the manifest presence of the Lord. What a man of faith. He’s a great author as well. His booklet “Touching the Invisible” is a classic (Order from Christian Literature Crusade).

They simply would bring their need before the Lord, and wait on His supernatural provision, before launching out on a ministry. CT Studd was told by the Lord to go down to the docks and prepare to board the ship to Africa, without any money. As he got in line to purchase passage, someone came up to him and handed him the money. Talk about faith! Norman Grubb writes about the total fusion of ourselves with the Lord as we give up ourselves totally to Him, “He that is joined to the Lord is one spirit” l Cor. 6: 17. “In that day you shall know that I am in my Father, and you in me, and I in you.” John 14:20. What these folks did was spend most of their intercession asking the Lord what He wanted them to do. Sometime they would wait on Him for weeks in faith believing prayer. Then there would come the moment of “Rhema” revelation and the “ of God (which He gave from above) would be downloaded to them (Mk. 11:22 & 23). Then they would simply thank Him that it would happen as He had said. This was not presumption, but real faith. Their faith changed WWll as Hitler’s blunders were made known to them in advance and declared by faith. Therefore look to Him alone! He is able!