The Division of the Nations

by Dan Goddard

Genesis 11:1-9

Because of man’s pride in seeking his own glory and a name for himself; confusion and division came as judgment upon the whole earth.

Although mankind was only united through pride and rebellion against God; He said “that nothing would be impossible for them” ,“because they were one people”.

Their goal was to “reach the heavens” and in so doing, “make a name for themselves” and “not be scattered over the face of the earth.

This manifestation of the sinful nature of fallen man; has divided and scattered the Nations ever since.

As we enter into the final days before the return of Christ-Yeshua; there will be an acceleration of this division between Nations and People groups. (Matthew 24:1-14).

 Jesus said that “many (Christians) would come in His name”; claiming that “He (Christ) was the Messiah; yet these religious people, along with false prophets would “deceive many people”.

** The end result would be a great release of division, offense, hatred, racism, and betrayal.

All of this would take place in a context of political turmoil and natural disasters.  The greatest racism and hatred will be directed towards the Jewish people and against true Christians; as a result “the love of most will turn cold”, and a great “many will turn away from true faith.”

Since the very beginning, satan has had a strategy to turn Nation against Nation, Kingdom against Kingdom, People group against People group, Church against Church, Christian against Christian, Family against Family, and members of one family against each other.

Throughout world history, this has not changed: Gentile against Jew, Black against White, French against English, Native against European, and the list goes on.

Within the Christian Church, the issue also exists: Protestant versus Catholic, Evangelical versus Charismatic and Women permitted to minister publicly versus Women forbidden to minister publicly.

** Jesus came and died to break this curse of division. He also presented a Gospel that united those who loved His Father; not a Gospel that divided along racial, gender and theological lines!

(Philippians 2:1-11), (John 13:1-17)

Key verse: (John 13:1) “He showed them the full extent of His love.”

**The time has come to reverse the curse that sets Nation against Nation.

It is time to gather the nations together for the purpose of exalting God; then the heavens will open above the Nations; a mighty Harvest will be brought in; the Bride will make herself ready; and Yeshua will return to Jerusalem to rule the Earth.

** Curses are broken through blessing!
** Division is broken through repentance!
** Dishonor is broken through honoring!
** Isolation and fear is broken through fellowship!
** Despair is broken through worship and declaration!

True unity comes as we humble ourselves and love one another as Christ loves us!

When we gather together as different people groups to worship, bless each other, and repent to one another; we break the curse over our peoples that began at the Tower of Babel.

**The heart cry of our Father is very clear: Psalms 2:7-8.
** The heart cry of Yeshua is very clear: John 17:20-26.
** The time has come for the Bride of Christ to be revealed as true sons and daughters of our Father: Romans 8:18-23.

Question: What does this mean in practical terms for us?

** We must honor those that we have dishonored; whether that is in relationship to an individual, a people group, a country, a church, a denomination, a government, or a family.

** Where we have scattered and divided, we must gather and reconcile.

** We must bring our hearts and actions into alignment with God’s heart as it concerns Israel; and all the First Peoples of the earth.

Prayer: that Holy Spirit would expose any racism or divisiveness in our hearts; and give us His heart for the Nations of the earth.