The Cost of Compromise

by Dan Goddard

The cost of compromise: (Joshua chapter 3 –chapter 7)

The life and story of Achan, reveals in a vivid way; the terrible  cost of compromise: not only for the perpetrators, but also for their  families, and the Body of Christ who are in covenant with them.

** Compromise always starts in the heart! Once the heart embraces, and justifies compromise; the door to sin is opened: the act of sin and the ensuing cover up quickly follow.

 As with Achan; it is just a matter of time before God exposes compromise to the light.

It is only in the light of God’s truth, that the consequences of compromise and deception are fully revealed. They always include spiritual death in some form for the perpetrators;
as well as a weakening of spiritual authority for all those in relationship with them.

God is a covenant keeping God! All believers are part of the same covenant: the covenant made with the blood of Christ!

It is for this reason that God always brings compromise to the light, in the Body of Christ: because as a corporate Body, in one covenant; each individual action, has a great impact on the whole Body.

The New Testament covenant does not require the death penalty for compromise: what it does require; is a repentant heart that willingly comes into the light, and takes responsibility for ones actions!

The Body of Christ has very little authority, because of the plague of compromise among us! Yet; the day is coming; when the light will reveal the true state of our hearts, and once
again, we will be consecrated to the Lord; and given back our authority to defeat the enemy!

My story:
Several years ago, I was out hunting Spruce grouse with my wife. A very effective method is to drive along old farm land country roads, and spot the Grouse as they come out to get gravel to eat in the late afternoon. (They need they gravel in their gizzards to digest their food).
That year, the law had changed concerning the type of firearm that could be used to shoot from the road side at Grouse. I had not yet bought the appropriate fire arm, so was limited to hunting in the woods.
On my way back home, I spotted a big Grouse on the road in front of me. I knew that it was illegal to shot, but justified shooting; by saying to myself, and my wife that I would just be careful. I shot the grouse, and put it in our car. Immediately, I felt horrible; to the point of feeling sick. I felt such shame and guilt, that I had to stop and repent to God, and to my wife for the compromise. I begged God to forgive me, and to give me another chance to pass the test.
10 minutes later; I saw two big Grouse in a tree beside the road.
Once again the urge to compromise came over me; but, I acted with integrity, and felt great joy return to my heart.
Integrity in secret; brings life and spiritual authority in public!
Compromise in secret, brings humiliation and defeat in public!
It is time to step into the light and be consecrated to the Lord.
It is also time to cry out for God to expose compromise in the Body of Christ: so that repentance may bring healing, and a restoration of authority; to defeat Satan, and bring a release of destiny in our land!