Standing Still Praise Report

by Daniel & Kay Garvin

Praise be to the Lord, for what He has done in our First Nation’s gathering in Gloucester in August! The humble, worshipping family of Gerard and Peta from Canada led us in over 3-hours of glory-filled Native worship at the gate way where this country was founded on the coast for the glory of God. Yahweh gave us a perfect day weather-wise, with even a gentle breeze making the sound of Roark Ha Kodesh (Pneuma), the Spirit through the microphones and speakers. The beat of the “ABBA” drum went out with the heartbeat of Father God. Gerard’s flute playing dovetailed with the sound of Israel, their daughter’s playing of her cello, and flowed together perfectly with Peta’s keyboard, as she led us in Native worship songs. Then add to this the prophetic drum and songs of Dan, Donna, and Karen, all flowing together in harmony and balance.

In the next outer circle were the dancers and flag bearers, with Kay and others flowing in a circular manner as led by the Spirit. Add to this mixture the artists who drew and painted as the Spirit gave them direction, with great prophetic meaning. Many people who came to visit this site were drawn in by the freedom of worship, and the love of our tribal members who witnessed to them of Christ. Even a nearby wedding was taking place representing the bridal anointing. Then out of nowhere over 200 bikers showed up, many of whom were drawn in to the presence of Yahweh. Great birds were seen high in the sky to bless us. A portal opened up in the heavens. I had a profound vision of Yahweh as an eagle soaring over us as He released His shekinah glory over this island to come and possess this land, which would release His glory along many lines outward throughout Turtle Island (North America). It would be characterized by a place full of Abba’a love being poured out. This was a major release of united worship by First Nation’s gatekeepers! I have never experienced anything like it!

I personally was humbled by the honor of being a part of this gathering. Later in our tribal team meeting, Gerard and daughter Israel taught us on the deeper meaning of the Native dream catcher. This circular hoop (Representing community), is woven together by one long strand of sinew, with each connection joining together with the other like a circular fish net. This teaches that we are all interconnected, so that when one part breaks, it affects all the other parts. When one part is blessed, like the one with the glass bead, or by the adding of feathers, then it enhances everyone. We do not live independent from the other, and our decisions affect the whole community. This is why our worship together in oneness and love, flowed out to many others, drawing them into the Father’s heart. Praise His glorious name! Aho! Welalin!