Responding to Intimidation

by Dan Goddard

Intimidation is an enemy that each one of us will face on a regular  basis in our lives. Individually what is intimidating to one person; may simply be a welcome challenge in the day to day lives of other people.

Yet, whether alone or in a group, real or imagined, from circumstances, people or from the demonic realm; intimidation in all its forms is a strategy that Satan uses to harass, distract and immobilize people with great effectiveness.

The early Church in the book of Acts faced very real intimidation on a day to day basis. Scripture records how they responded and not only survived; but thrived in the face of daily threats and obstacles.

Let us take a journey together, back in time, to where the Church and Christian individuals lived in the reality of the Kingdom of  God on earth.

(Acts 4:1-35)

Do not fight back, but respond with truth. (Acts 4:5-10)
Do not give in! Make your stand! (Acts 4:18-22)
Do not fight the devil! Don’t beg God! Release your faith by declaring who God is. Release your heart in crying out for a breakthrough. (Acts 4:23-30)
Expect God to answer from heaven (Acts 4:31)

The Kingdom of Heaven is released on earth, when we come in the opposite spirit; responding to lies and intimidation, with truth and love.

* The greater our unity in faith and love, the greater a breakthrough we experience! (Acts 4-32-35)