Prophetic Gifts – Session 2

by Dan Goddard


“The Voice of God”

(A Father who loves His Children)

(Mark 1:9-11)

At the beginning of Jesus ministry; His Father spoke words of love and acceptance to him. This public affirmation of His position as His Son; deposited a deep foundation of confidence and security into Jesus life.

 *** The voice of God that we hear is the voice that we use to speak in God’s name.

If we believe that God is angry and demanding; we will minister in a way that portrays that belief.

If we believe that God is ashamed of us, or quick to judge and punish us; we will be manipulating and judgmental in our ministry to others.

For good or bad; the God that I see and hear; is the God that I will portray to others!

** For this reason, it is crucial that I come to know the true voice of God; so that I can be His voice in a way that brings life to others.

   Many, many people have been devastated by gifted people speaking and ministering in a way that has twisted the heart and voice of God.

This is especially true of the prophetic ministry!

This of course does not mean that those individuals were false prophets, or using counterfeit gifts!

No! It simply means that they did not have a personal revelation of the Fathers love; and that they had deep unhealed hurts that twisted their understanding of God’s heart!

 Question: What is Father speaking to this lost and hurting world?

(John 3:16-17) (1st John 3:1) (John 16:26-27)

(Ezekiel 18:23, 30-32) (Zephaniah 3:17)

 Jesus; who is the physical expression of the heart and voice of our Father; said this: (Luke 15:11-32)

*** We must hear the Father celebrating our lives, and covering our shame: otherwise, we will speak and minister with the heart of the elder brother!

Jesus always spoke in a way that brought light into darkness, built up the broken hearted, offered hope to those who were in despair, and brought freedom to those who were captive to Satan.

When Jesus confronted people, it was to expose the lies of the Enemy, and to offer freedom.

More than any thing else; Jesus simply loved people, and laid down His life to bring restoration.

*** This must be the voice and heart of God that we know!

 (Colossians 3:12-14) (1st Corinthians 14:1-3, 12)

God chooses who receives which spiritual gifts.

The way that they are used however: is our responsibility!

 Our words; and the actions that accompany our use of spiritual gifts (especially prophecy): portray the heart of God to those around us. They will not only be influenced by what they see and hear; they in turn will begin to imitate us in their own lives!

This is why it is crucial to know the true heart of God!

Many of us have never had parents who spoke words of blessing and affirmation over our lives. Added to that, we all have had destructive and rejecting words spoken to us; that have deeply wounded our hearts.

When these wounding words come from parents and people in authority that should have protected and blessed us, we begin to have a deep distrust of authority, as well as a twisted view of how authority should be used.

God; the ultimate authority; then begins to have a voice in our broken hearts: that is harsh, demanding, and quick to punish and reject us.

Because of our brokenness; we begin to use our authority and gifts: to control and manipulate people, or judge and punish those that we can’t control.

On the other hand we also use our gifts to flatter people: to gain both acceptance and positions of greater influence and recognition!

** Freedom and balance come into our lives; as we repent of any self-centered use of spiritual gifts, and as we also forgive others for wounding us, in their use of gifts and authority.

 We must forgive and bless our parents and spiritual leaders who have betrayed us or failed us in any way.

**  Most importantly: we need to open our hearts to receive the unconditional love of our Father, and to allow Him to speak words of blessing and acceptance deep into our spirits!


 Father; thank you for exposing my heart to Your true voice: a voice of love, tenderness, and affirmation. Please forgive me for holding bitterness in my heart towards You, and towards those who have betrayed and wounded me with their words. Please forgive me; for falsely representing You with my words and actions. Help me; to truly forgive those who broke my heart; because they did not know You as a loving Father. Come now, and heal my broken heart! Speak words of blessing and affirmation to me.

Let me hear you rejoicing over me with singing. Amen!