Prophetic Gifts, Session 3

by Dan Goddard


“The Character of God”

A Father; whose motives are purely love.

(Romans 11:29)

God, as a loving Father, does not retract His gifts from His children every time we sin or goof up.

We do not earn spiritual gifts, nor can we gain more authority and acceptance by working hard, and doing good deeds.

God, in His wisdom, gives gifts to us that fit our calling and destiny.  However; the praises of people, our successes and failures, and our seeking of approval; can cause us to get way off track if we do not pursue Godly character           (Christ likeness) in our day to day lives.

If these character issues are not dealt with; we can end up far from God, and unable to minister with His heart to others.

** For this reason; it is crucial that we are transparent, and accountable in our ministries and callings. Those who carry the heart of God; will always be approachable and teachable!

** Gifts and anointing are God’s responsibility!

** Character and accountability are my responsibility!

God gives me my personality; Life forms my character!

** Great gifts and great power; are not proof of great character!

True character is not formed through our successes, and the approval of our peers: it is formed through suffering and failure!

To the extent that I embrace discipline; my character will be tailored into Christ likeness!

(James 1:2-5) (Hebrews 12:4-12) (Romans 5:1-5)

The undesirable and unloving side of my character usually comes from unhealed wounds of rejection, abuse, and betrayal.

** The two main keys to Godly character are:

1-   An intimate revelation of the loving nature of Father God.

2-   Healing from the hurts of life that have twisted our character.

** We cannot change our own character by hard work and good deeds (will power). (Romans 8 all) (1st Corinthians 13 all)

** Godly character must accompany our words spoken in God’s name: if the world is going to desire to know God!

** Pursue intimacy with God, and Godly character will pursue you! (2nd Corinthians 3:16-18)



As we eagerly pursue spiritual gifts; we must also pursue Godly character. Those who do not embrace discipline and accountability; should not be given delegated authority: for they will inevitably hurt many people under their influence!

** Great gifting is no proof of God’s approval of character!

Godly character is formed in our lives; as we allow Holy Spirit to expose the wounds, attitudes, and lies that we believe; which oppose the nature of His heart: and then allow Him to pour in His healing love which transforms our hearts into His image.

**I become like the person that I spend the most time with!


Father, please forgive me for rejecting authority and accountability; because of past wounds of rejection and abuse.

Forgive me for rejecting your gifts; both in my life, and from those you have sent to me: simply because of fear and the lack of Godly character I have seen in their lives. I eagerly desire spiritual gifts; as well as your heart and character. I choose to embrace your discipline; so that my character may be formed into your image.

Pour your Love, Power, and Purpose into my heart; so that I can fulfill my destiny, and truly know you as my Father! Amen!