Prophetic Gifts, Session 1

by Dan Goddard


“The Heart of God”

A Father who gives good gifts to His children!

In order to understand the purpose and proper functioning of spiritual gifts, we need to know the heart of the one who gives us these gifts: “Our True Father”.

(James 1:16-17) (Matthew 7:7-11)

Every gift that God gives us is given in perfect love, and perfect wisdom. Each gift is perfect (complete) and good because of the one who gives it!

WE however, are not perfect: so these gifts can only reflect the heart and nature of God to the extent that the heart and nature of God is living in us.

Despite our sinful nature, Father longs to impart to us not only His heart and perfect nature, but also powerful spiritual gifts.

To truly know the heart of God, and the way that these gifts were meant to function, we need to look at the life of Jesus.

Jesus fully and perfectly ministered every spiritual gift here on earth.                                                                                         

(Hebrews 1-3) states that Jesus is the exact representation of Father God.

(John 5:19-20) states that Jesus only did those things that He saw His Father doing.

Let us look at examples of the life and ministry of Jesus on earth.

(Matthew 8:1-3) (Matthew 20:29-34) (Luke 23:32-43)

(Luke 7:36-47) (Luke 18:15-17) (Luke 19:1-10)

(John 4:1-42) (John 8:1-11)


*** The standard by which we evaluate spiritual gifts and ministry must be the heart of God and the life of Jesus on earth.

It cannot be by the successes or failures of either strong or weak Christians!

 Jesus ministered from a deep and perfect relationship with His Father, depending totally upon the Holy Spirit’s anointing, and doing only that which He heard Father speaking.

For that reason, He was totally loving in His use of spiritual gifts, and perfectly obedient to His Father’s voice.

Only God Himself can meet this standard of perfection.

 *** When we expect perfection from people who minister in spiritual gifts, we will always get hurt!

When we are not healed from these hurts, we will react to other gifted people with either fear or anger.

We will also shut down the gifts of God in our own lives.

For this reason, it is crucial to know the heart of God!

When we know our Father’s heart, we are able to recognize that which is coming from His heart and embrace it.

We will also recognize that which is coming from human agenda, human reason or unhealed hurts; and reject it.

This healthy approach protects us from getting hurt, and from rejecting people and the gifts of God within them.

Question: What is Father God’s heart towards us?

(Isaiah 61:1-7) Our Father is passionately in love with us His children: both those of us who know Him as Father and love Him in return; and those who do not love Him, and are far from home; under the power of Satan.

God, as a perfect loving Father longs for us to be free, healed, and in loving fellowship with Him.

He also longs for us to share in His power and heart; that we might labor alongside Jesus in His Kingdom: setting captives free, healing the sick, and sharing the Good News of His love, forgiveness, and desire to have us come back home to Him.

God’s heart is that each of us has a relationship with Him like Jesus does. He also desires that we minister life and freedom here on earth; the way that Jesus did.

 We are Father God’s children, and He loves to give us gifts to work in the Family business of increasing our inheritance, and building His Kingdom on earth; the way it exists in heaven.

Father is proud of us, and He believes in us.

He knows our hurts and weaknesses, yet loves to give us gifts that suit our personality and destiny.

*** Our responsibility is to pursue healing from hurts, and to pursue deep intimacy with our Father.

Father does not set us up for failure and getting hurt!

Every failure and hurt that we do face; is only an opportunity to grow in wisdom and compassion!

(John 14:9-13, 23-24) (John 15:7-17)

 Summary: Our heavenly Father is perfect in love, and perfect in purpose for our lives. His heart is that we His sons and daughters carry His love and healing power to the nations of the earth.

Father believes in us, and longs to give us spiritual gifts and supernatural power; to build His Kingdom.

There is great joy in ministering life to others; once we are walking in a deep revelation of the Fathers love.

We are born into sin and brokenness; therefore we do not perfectly reflect God’s heart of love when we minister His power and gifts.

We hurt people, and we get hurt; when gifts and power are released through our unhealed hearts and minds.

We have a responsibility to pursue healing for our hearts; as well as a responsibility to continually come into the light of God’s presence: for it is in His presence that we are exposed to Truth, and transformed into His likeness.

 Prayer: Father, please send your Spirit to me now, to expose the hurts in my life, and the lies that I believe about you that have tainted my understanding and use of spiritual gifts.

Please show me those whom I need to forgive for hurting me, and those whom I must ask for forgiveness from for hurting them.

Father please forgive me, and heal my broken heart.