Parable of the Lost Son

by Dan Goddard


(Luke15:11-32) – Parable of the lost son.

The context for this parable is Jesus teaching the religious leaders, about His Fathers heart and the values of the Kingdom of Heaven.

They had just accused Him of hanging out with sinners and eating with them.

*The Fathers heart.

1- Wealthy and generous. Good!

2- Kind and forgiving. Good!

3- Compassionate and watchful. Good!

4- Covers our filth and failure. Good!

5- Restores our authority our identity and our destiny. Good!

6- Sacrificially gives us His very best. Good!

7- Loves to throw parties in our honor. Good!

8- Desperate for Family unity. Good!

9- Does not abandon the religious and self righteous. Good!

10- Justly rewards faithfulness, but longs to show mercy and compassion to those who least deserve it .Good!

** Father will not allow religion, anger, jealousy or the need to work hard ruin His celebration party.

*The heart of the lost son.

1- Loves to party hard. Not good!

2- Knows his Fathers heart. Good!

3-Self centered. Not good!

4- Loves adventure. Good!

5- Willing to work hard. Good!

6- Humble and repentant. Good!

7- Learned from his mistake. Good!

8- Remained a son even when he was away from home. Good!

9- Embraced reconciliation. Good!

10- Did not give in to self pity. Very Good!

** The key to the Lost Son coming home, was that he knew his Fathers heart.

 * The elder brother’s heart.

1- Faithful and obedient. Good!

2- Distant and cold-hearted. Not good!

3- Self-centered. Not good!

4- Hard working. Good!

5- Orphan heart. Not good!

6- Does not like to celebrate. Not good!

7- Not compassionate. Not good!

8- Did not know his Father’s heart. Not good!

9- Jealous. Very bad!

10- Divisive. Not good!

 Although the elder brother lived with his Father and had everything as his inheritance, he was far from home in his heart, and had no real relationship with his Father.

* The celebration Party

The central focus of the celebration is a son returning home.

The younger son was far from the Father physically, but still knew that he was a son. He came back home filled with condemnation in his heart, yet willing to do any thing to be with his Father.

The elder son never left home, but lived far from his Father in his heart. He was loved, yet never responded to that love. This caused his heart to be cold towards both his brother and his Father.

*10 reasons to celebrate.

1- Because our Father loves celebrations.

2- Because Father loves to honor those who come home.

3- Because it keeps religious spirits away.

4- Because it exposes the orphan hearted.

5- Because the lost and broken are drawn to parties.

6- Because Father is honored when we celebrate Him.

7- Because celebration is at the heart of the Kingdom of Heaven.

8- Because passionate worship breaks “fear of man”.

9- Because Joy is our strength in battle.

10- Because we all have been forgiven and accepted back home.