No Compartments

By Donna Milham

Life is not meant to be lived in compartments, but in a wide open expanse of adventure, both in the natural and in the spiritual realms.

The world teaches us to live our lives by what we ‘do’ and this can become our identity and can cause us to compartmentalize our lives and how we live life on a daily basis, often bringing frustration that we have difficulty identifying.

 For instance, if you are a mother then you have the honor of raising your children and with that comes the responsibility of making sure they go to school or home school, to help them find their giftings and talents and raise them in this as well as to train them in daily life skills.  You would also care for your home, make meals, care for your family and the list goes on.  Perhaps you also work, are involved in ministry in some manner, and are involved in your local church.  You have a social life, friends and times of fellowship and fun.  As a father you have the honor of caring for your family spiritually, financially and in loving care and support.  You also have the care of perhaps a yard to mow, home repairs, ministry, hobbies, friends and of course your work. 

Whether you are single, married, widowed, divorced – we all have our daily need also for time with God, reading and meditating on His Word, prayer and worship and listening to His Heart.  This is not just a time we set with Him – another compartment – but a lifestyle throughout our day.  We leave our quiet time and walk throughout the day in the midst of what we received from Him in our fellowship time.

Often we see our lives as broken into compartments, I now have my mother hat on, or father’s hat.  Now I am the house cleaner, or bread winner.  At this moment I am the cook or the yard worker.  Now I shift into being a bible study leader, intercessor, teacher.

It can feel like you change your ‘hats’ throughout the day and in the midst of changing your ‘hats’ you can lose your core identity – who am I?

Who we are is always the same, sons of God!  Our purpose is always the same, to worship the most High God and to become more like Him in His Presence.  To carry His glory everywhere we go. To be ambassadors of His Heart of love!

God did not create us to live our lives in compartments, but to live by His Breath, His very words that He breathes upon us and into us.  To live from the place of intimacy with a sensitivity to what He is speaking to our hearts in each situation we find ourselves in throughout the day. 

We then become sons of God who walk in communion with their Father and Jesus their older brother and Savior, who find their identity and purpose in Him.  From this place we live a free flowing adventurous life and call.  We aren’t frustrated because we are ‘stuck in the office’, or ‘stuck home with the kids’, or ‘cleaning house’ or ‘mowing the lawn’ – all is done with Him and unto Him.

Yes He has created us to find great fulfillment in the destiny/calls on our lives.  For instance when I am teaching and ministering I feel I am in the very place I have been created for.  That fulfillment comes from the joy and pleasure I feel from within and also from God Above, I feel His smile.  I also feel His smile when I am sailing my boat and talking with Him about the beauty of His Creation.  I feel His smile when I am sitting with a friend listening to their hearts, when I am faithful to do the practical things He has asked me to do each day.  Not all seem glorious, but my identity is in Him, I am His and He is mine.

I remember when I left the corporate world and answered the ‘call’ to now work for Him.

I did not realize how much of my identity was in what I did in my profession.  The Lord led me to read a book “Heaven’s Applause” and this book challenged my heart to listen only for Heaven’s Applause over my life, and not man’s.   This was an invitation from God to learn to live from hearing what He says over my life and how He views what He has asked me to do or not do.

It is wonderful to receive applause or recognition when you have accomplished a goal that you set your heart towards and completed.  I love to honor people with applause and encouragement.  But that is not what we are to look for first, first and foremost is His applause from Heaven.  When we know who we are and Whose we are, we are able to handle the applause of man and not become puffed up or prideful, nor reject it in a form of false humility.  But simply able to receive it and know we are His and give Him all the glory, honor and praise!

Living life from one compartment – we are sons of God – called by His Name – Divinely owned and possessed.  All we do has great value as we do it unto Him and His Kingdom.

To be carriers of His Presence in the seemingly mundane tasks of life to what we would consider our pinnacle moments.  To walk in the knowledge of His pleasure over us is a place of deep satisfaction and comfort.  I know when I walk in this place, there is a smile, a restful stride in my being, a comfort, a sense of all is well, even though there are problems about me.  

 I have not arrived, and when I lose this rhythm, this one compartment lifestyle, I can tell the difference in my life.  It is then that thoughts of insignificance can try to come upon us, and sin of comparison, all lies – whether from the soul or from the enemy of our souls.

My heart’s cry is to live within the chambers of His Heart, to walk in rhythm with His Heartbeat and to live in the pleasure of His Smile, listening for His applause.

I am not a woman of God who is to live life from the identity of the various ‘hats’ I wear – pastor, teacher, leader, mother, friend, cook, housecleaner, student – but from the place and posture of I am His and He is mine – one heart cry, one identity – son of God!