Kingdom Authority & Covenant Relationships

By Daniel Goddard

I believe that the “Kingdom Authority” to be released on the earth in the “Last Days”, will come through a community of believers, who are walking in covenant relationships.

Q. The big question is this: how do we walk together in covenant relationships?

A. The answer is clearly found in (John 17:20-23).

I have given them the glory that you gave me that they may be one, as we are one”: I in them and you in me”.

Q. #1 what is the “glory” that we have been given by Christ that he received from Father?

Q. #2 how does this “glory” make us “one” with each other, as Jesus is with Father?

Q. #3 what does it mean to be “one”, “I in them” and “you in me”

Answer to question #1: the Greek word for “glory” is: Doxa; honor, prestige, respect, renown, fame, distinction, notoriety, recognition, approval.

“Theologically, with respect to believers, it signifies their exalted status as the objects of divine approbation and blessedness”.

Jesus is clearly stating that he has given us the same position and status in the Family of God as he has; that of sons and daughters, who have our Fathers approval and blessing, as well as the honor, respect, recognition Etc., that comes with being sons and daughters in the Family.

(Mark 1:9-11): Jesus received this “glory” at His baptism in the Jordan River, by John the Baptist. The Holy Spirit came upon Jesus in visible form, and Father spoke approval and blessing to Him in an audible voice. The rest is history.

 Answer to question #2: As Christians, we have all received the same Holy Spirit, we have the same Father, and we are loved and accepted equally by our Father. Because of this “glory,” every one of us has the same potential to love and to lay down our lives for one another as Jesus did. Because of this “glory” we can be “one” as Jesus and Father are “one”. Because of this “glory,” we can release the “Kingdom of God” on earth, as sons and daughters of our Father.

To be “one”, means to share the same heart and values.

 Answer to question #3: the Greek word for “in”, is En; in, with, by, at; meaning within definite time and space. (with or together)

#1 meaning: relating to those with whom someone is in intimate union.

 Simply put: because God is “one”, and lives “in” us by His Spirit, we can be one with God. We, as Christians, all share the same Holy Spirit; therefore, we can also be “one”; not only “in” God, but also “in” one another.

 Therefore the prayer of Jesus was simply this: “Father, my heart cry is that every Christian understands that you love them and accept them as sons and daughters; just the way you love and accept me. You sent your Holy Spirit to them so that they can have as intimate a relationship with us, as we have with one another. I long for them to love one another and honor one another, the way that we love and honor one another. I long for them to share your heart, the way that I share your heart Father; so that all of your lost children find their way back home to you”.

 * Most Christians choose to live their lives as if they were still orphans; not as chosen sons and daughters. (Romans 8:15-17)

But; the Kingdom of God belongs to his sons and daughters, to those who are “in” Him. The authority of the “Kingdom can only flow through those who are “one” with God and “one” with each other.

*When we choose to activate the “glory” that we have been given, then we will become “one” “in” God and “one” “in’ each other.

This is the Family that will release the Kingdom of Heaven on earth; and the world will know “that the Father loves them”.

The key that activates this “glory” is repentance!

 Let us take a journey through the book of Acts, and look at the lives of ordinary men and women; those who choose to covenant together as a community of sons and daughters.

(Acts 1:4-8) (2:1-4) (2:38-47) (4:23-35) (5:12-16) (8:4-9)

 Our Fathers dream has always been to have a Family of sons and daughters who share his heart; deeply loving him, and deeply loving one another.


Jesus, I ask you to forgive me for living my life as though I did not need my brothers and sisters. Forgive me for my independent spirit, for trying to be strong and take care of myself. Forgive me for seeking significance in what I do. Forgive me for seeking approval from people, when you already have given me your approval.

Please show me the “glory” that you have given me as your son/daughter; so that I might truly be “one” with you and “one” with my brothers and sisters. May we be “in” you Jesus and “in” one another, the way that you are “in” Father; so that we can release your Kingdom here on earth.

Please set me free from all my orphan ways; so that I can covenant with your Family: to bring pleasure to your heart, and healing to this planet. Amen!