Fulfilling Your Destiny (Isaiah 61:1-4)

 By Daniel Goddard

The context of this scripture is Christ speaking through the prophet Isaiah; declaring His heart, and the ministry He will have on earth. Jesus confirms this in (Luke, chapter 4).

(Verses 1-3)  Freedom, healing, comfort, vision and joy, are poured deep into the brokenness of our lives by the Holy Spirit, as we encounter Christ, and come to know God as our Father.

At the end of (verse 3), this display of the love and power of Christ to heal and restore brings glory to God on earth.

Destiny released: Look at (verse 4)

They will rebuild the ancient ruins!
They will restore the places long devastated!
They will renew the cities that have been devastated for generations!

Question, who are they?
Answer, they are the very people in (verses 1-3), who were once captive, broken, blind, and without hope.
 As Jesus pours His love and healing power onto our lives, joy is released, we are filled with his Spirit, and begin to carry and reveal His Glory here on earth.

** The glory of God is His presence, His heart and His authority to minister life.

** Our potential to reveal God’s Glory, and to minister life, is as great as our brokenness!

** Our destiny and calling are hidden within the areas of our deepest shame, failure, and brokenness.

** God’s Glory is most revealed by restoring those who carried the greatest wounds!

  Satan targets our destinies, because he often knows more about the purposes that God has for our lives than we do. He heaps shame and condemnation on us so that we don’t pursue freedom and healing from our brokenness. Then, even when we do pursue healing, we often believe that our past disqualifies us from fulfilling the destiny that God had for us.
This is a lie!

** Our destiny is to live the very opposite of all the bondage and brokenness that were once our lives!

For example: Jesus experienced great shame, rejection, and death. Because of this, He was able to carry all the sin, and brokenness of humanity to the cross and break the very power of death it’s self. The pain and temptation that He faced is unimaginable to us! As a result of what He lived, He now has authority over death, and every form of brokenness that Mankind will ever face.

(1 Corinthians 1:26-29) – God intentionally chooses the weak to reveal His power and Glory on earth!

** We also need to pour our lives into those who are the most broken, because they are the very ones that Father will use to bring restoration and transformation to the nations!

*(Luke 7:36-47) – Those who have been forgiven much, love much!

The key to fully entering our destiny is to come into the light! We must bring all our fears, shame, and brokenness before God, and allow Him to restore our lives. To the extent that we do, the redemptive power of Christ begins to live in us, and His life then in turn, is released from us to the broken that we encounter.

Fear is replaced with love and faith! Sorrow is replaced with joy! Despair is replaced with hope! Addiction is replaced with freedom! Anger is replaced with peace!