From The Desert to Our Destiny

By Dan Goddard


(Matthew 3:13- 4:17) Jesus began the journey to His destiny by humbling and identifying Himself with the pain and brokenness of humanity. This positioned Him to receive His Father’s blessing, affirmation and authority. Armed with the unconditional love of His Father and the anointing of His Spirit, Jesus was now ready for the second stage of preparation for public ministry: the desert.

The desert taught Jesus to:                                                               

* Embrace solitude.

* Lose His strength.

* Find His true identity as a Son.

* Submit to the fires of temptation to reveal His true heart.

His temptations were to:

* Use His anointing to provide for His needs.

* Use His anointing to prove who He was.

* Avoid suffering and take His inheritance rather than receive it at Father’s appointed time.

The cost of compromise would have been:

* Broken fellowship with Father.

* Loss of His authority.

* An unbroken cycle of spiritual and physical death for all Humanity.

  The Second Adam would have fallen just as the First Adam did.

  The second Adam faced the desert with a different heart and came out a mature Son.

 ** Our heart attitude in the desert will determine our destiny!

** Following our destiny will always bring great change to our lives; including great JOY…. As we walk in obedience.

This is the season for the revealing of True Sons.

Embrace the fire, the desert and the great storms; you are about to experience coming out into great breakthrough and great Joy!