Freedom from The Spirit of Poverty

by Dan Goddard

(John 3:16-17)

 The nature of God is revealed to us through His radical generosity.

God gave us every thing! Jesus, His Son; was nailed to a cross, to set us free from sin; and to restore us to relationship with our Father.

 ** Our Father is rich in love towards us; and radical in His generosity!

 ** When God gives: He gives with His whole heart!

 (Ephesians 1:3-8) (Ephesians 2:1-7)

 ** Jesus came to earth to reveal our Fathers heart, and break the orphan spirit of poverty!

 ** To be rich or poor has nothing to do with the goods we have, our money or the position that we hold in society.

No! It is truly a question of the state of our hearts!

 Those who live in fear of lack, and those who are not generous with what they have; are poor!

Those who live in an attitude of trust that Father will provide for all their needs are rich!

 ** True sons and daughters; who are rich in spirit and in faith will also be radically generous with all that they have.

They will pour out: Love, material goods, money, time, energy, mercy, forgiveness, encouragement, hope, joy, peace, vision, and the list goes on!

 ** Those who live under the orphan spirit of poverty; will seek to protect what they have, and will jealously strive for what others have!

 If we truly desire to see the Kingdom of God established in our midst; we must have a radical change of heart! We will need to live our lives as Jesus did here on earth!

 ** We need to give extravagantly; expecting nothing in return because we leave free from fear of lack!

 Question: How do I get free from the orphan spirit of poverty?

 Answer: 1- I need an encounter with the radical love of my Father that sets my heart free to give as He gives.

2- I then act with radical generosity myself.

 **Giving is a powerful form of spiritual warfare that sets me free, and exposes the need for freedom in others!

As I give out of my need, I am releasing God’s provision into my poverty; and the orphan spirit is broken in my own heart!

 Examples: Where I have need for love; I bless and pray for my enemies.

Where I lack time to do the things that I enjoy; I take time alone with God, and pour more time into blessing my family.

When I lack money for my needs; I radically give to others in need.

When I face continual criticism and judgment; I seek to encourage others who are struggling.

When I am sick; I pray for every sick person I can find.

 Question: Do I live under the orphan spirit of poverty in some way;

Or am I truly rich in spirit? What is the state of my heart?

 The challenge before us:

 (2nd Corinthians 8:7-9)

(2nd Corinthians 9:6-15)

 Pray for an encounter of the radical, unconditional love of our heavenly Father; and freedom from the orphan spirit of poverty.