Freedom From Fantasy

by Dan Goddard

 What is fantasy?  Larousse 1980: 1 – “Work of the imagination”. 2 – “Personal imagination playing the main role”. 3 – “Production of the imagination”. 4 – “An imaginary situation, where the person is present and fulfilling his or her desires by twisting the situation”.

 I would call fantasy: the place that I escape to in my mind; when I don’t want to face reality because it is either to painful, or I simply don’t want to accept my responsibility as an individual.

Fantasy is also a stronghold of lies that I believe about myself, or others.

Example: I’m useless, ugly, stupid, and unlovable or I’m the best looking, extremely intelligent, always right, and the only one who knows the truth.

** Fantasy always leads to self abasement or self exaltation!

Fantasy is a creation of the mind where we can be and do as we please. Because it is only make believe, we think that there are no consequences; that is the trap!

  • The world that we choose to spend the most time in will become more and more real to us, and more and more desirable.

With time, we become more and more addicted to our fantasy. Slowly it begins to take over our lives; we then begin to exchange truth and reality for a lie. Not only do we begin to act out the fantasy; but we also encounter more and more consequences of living that fantasy!

 Example: I speak the truth to someone concerning an issue in their life. They get offended, convince themselves that I am wrong, and so they continue in error. As the reality of their error begins to affect them more deeply, they choose to prove me wrong because they are so offended with me. To prove me wrong they then need to invent (proof) to back up their position. They also enlist other people in their web of deception and lies.

As time goes on, the consequences of one person choosing to live out their fantasy (lie), is several people living a lie and division among people who have been dragged into a situation that is purely invented.

 The way to freedom, or escape from the fantasy is:

1-   Repentance for taking offense.

2-   Confessing the lies and asking for forgiveness.

3-   Embracing the truth and dealing with the issue.

 Another example: A young man grows up in a family where love is never spoken, and affection is never demonstrated.

This same youth experiences rejection at school and from the opposite sex. He then turns to pornography to find love and acceptance in fantasy.

In the books and videos, he is in control of the fantasy, and so feels loved and accepted by these gorgeous women who seek only to please his every imagination.

As he enters more deeply into his fantasy world, he only reinforces the separation from his peers; because no one can ever live up to the standards of perfection that are his reality; in his fantasy!

In reality; The fantasy is now controlling his life as an addiction to pornography.

The root cause is rejection; and is reinforced by his rejection of the world around him.

 Freedom and healing will only come as he is confronted with the truth, and the unconditional love and forgiveness that God offers.

This young man must choose to stand in the light, and repent.

Fantasy is an attempt to escape both truth and reality: which translates as; God, people, and ourselves.

** Intimacy destroys fantasy, because intimacy is based upon truth; truth about God, myself, and those around me.

  •  Truth exposes fantasy!
  • Forgiveness unlocks fantasy!
  • Intimacy destroys fantasy!

 Fantasy is a hiding place from rejection, abuse, fear, unforgiveness, physical and emotional suffering, boredom, depression, and responsibility.

Yet, the reality continues to worsen, until the fantasy is broken; and in the meantime, something within our hearts and minds, grows duller with each passing day.

 ** Fantasy is a substitute for intimate relationships; with accountability and responsibility.

The deeper we enter into fantasy of any kind, the harder it is for us to love, relate and act responsibly:  both to God and to each other.

  •  It is my personal conviction that fantasy is going to be an increasing problem in the last days before the return of Christ! (2nd Thessalonians 2:9-12)
  • Freedom begins with a choice! My choice!
  • I must choose to know the truth!
  • I must choose to act on the truth! (John 8: 31-32)
  •  The Holy Spirit will always tell us the truth (John 16:12-15)

 Pray for Holy Spirit to bring the Light of His Truth!