Freedom From Condemnation

 by Dan Goddard


Condemnation is a very powerful weapon that Satan uses strategically against Christians. His strategy is to get us out of fellowship with God, and with one another. If he can do that; he will eventually destroy us!

Jesus said: “I will never leave you or forsake you”! Because this is true; Satan must convince us to break fellowship with God. Condemnation is very effective in getting us to break fellowship with God, and with each other; if it is not dealt with!

To deal effectively with condemnation, we must answer several questions:

Question # 1- What is condemnation?

Question # 2- Where does condemnation come from ?

Question # 3 – What are the roots of condemnation?

Answer # 1- The word condemnation is a legal term that is used in a court of law. Example: If you were accused of a criminal offense, you would be put on trial. You would then stand before a judge and jury, whose job it would be to determine your guilt or innocence. Your accusers would try to prove you guilty, and you would be given an opportunity to prove your innocence. If you were unable to do so; the court would find you guilty as charged, and the judge would then condemn you to do time in prison.

**Therefore; condemnation is related to guilt.

Answer # 2- Condemnation comes from 3 sources:

1-   Satan; or more precisely; lying spirits.

2-   People who are accusing, judgmental and manipulative.

3-   From within our own hearts and minds.

In my own experience; condemnation usually follows in that order; until we become our own worst enemy and sink into either deep depression or become angry and rebellious.

**We know that both depression and rebellion are wide spread in the Christian Church today! Both are a plague that is causing Christians to break fellowship with God and with each other.

Answer # 3- The deepest roots are the rejection we receive from people, perceived rejection from Father God; and our own personal failures. These roots will produce powerful condemnation in our hearts; if they are not removed. Condemnation is always an effective attack on our hearts when we feel rejected; even if the rejection is only our perception and not real.

**To be set free from condemnation; we must understand what is going on spiritually when we feel condemned.

When we feel condemnation, it is because Satan has put us on trial in his court of law. His plan is to get us to defend ourselves against his accusations. He brings every word spoken against us by people, every sin we ever committed, every failure and mistake that we have made, every wrong thought or words that we have spoken, everything that we have looked at, listened to or touched, every weakness and habit that we have not dealt with; as well as all the lies that we already believe about ourselves and Father God.

This long list, is the witnesses that he calls forth to accuse us of being failures and prove our guilt. We are then invited to defend ourselves and prove our innocence.

The problem is that we cannot prove our innocence in Satan’s court of law. Satan is far smarter than us. His memory is better, and he is a pathological liar. He stirs up our emotions, mixes truth and lies together, and gets our minds going in circles.

** Every time that we stand on trial in Satan’s court of law, we are condemned to his prison within our own hearts and minds!

This means that we enter into either depression or rebellion; and fellowship is broken with Father God and our brothers and sisters!

Scripture says that: “you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free”! (John 8:32).

Truth # 1- Satan has no legal right to put us on trial, nor does he have the authority to prove us guilty, or to condemn us to prison. He is not the judge! He neither wrote the law, nor can he enforce it! He does not seek either truth or justice for our lives! Satan is a murderer, a thief and a pathological liar.

The whole thing is a setup from the beginning!

Father God is our righteous judge.

Jesus (our brother) is the family lawyer and advocate.

Holy Spirit is our personal counsel and witness.

The only valid court is in heaven.

Jesus fully paid the penalty for our sin and failure when he gave His life for us on the cross.

Father declares us fully pardoned every time we sin; and confess that sin to Him; because of our relationship with His Son Jesus.

** We can only stand trial in Satan’s court if we accept his lies and try to defend ourselves against them on his terms!

Truth # 2- Father does not love, bless and forgive us based on how well we keep all His laws! Father God accepts us as His sons and daughters based on our relationship with His Son Jesus. Father loves us unconditionally because we are His children. Father knows that we cannot fully keep all His laws; this is why Jesus came to earth in the first place!

Scriptures to read: (John 16:5-15), (John3:16-18)

 (Romans 8:1-2)

Question: What must I do; in practical terms; to get free from condemnation?

1-   First; I must personally receive Father God’s pardon for my sin and failure; by embracing the death of Jesus on the cross as full payment for my crime.

2-   Secondly; I need to ask Father to forgive me for any accusation and judgment that I have brought against other people.

3-   Thirdly; I need to bless and forgive those who have judged and accused me so that I don’t leave an open door to Satan into my life.

4-   Fourthly; I need to repent of any rebellion and self pity that I have lived in over the years.

5-   Finally; I need to seek to restore broken fellowship where it depends on me.

Pray for an encounter of Fathers unconditional love!