Fore Runners

by Daniel Goddard

Question: What is a fore runner?

A fore runner is someone who goes before the person or delegation to follow. Their mission is to announce the one to come, and most importantly; to make preparations for the arrival of that person or delegation to follow.

   John the Baptist is a classic example of a fore runner who prepared the way for Jesus (Mark1:2-8)

  • A fore runner is an ambassador who does not represent his or her own personal interests; but seeks to fully represent and prepare for those who sent them ahead; to make preparations for their arrival.

There are two distinct phases of the fore runner ministry:

1-   Preparing the way for the Lord.

2-   Preparing the way for the people.

Preparing the way for the Lord: (Isaiah 40:3-5)

40 is a number of testing. The desert or wilderness is the place where God prepares fore runners for their public ministry.

** Before we can truly represent God to His people; we must have His heart and His character formed in us. The wilderness is the place where God can accomplish this without distraction.

   Fore runners are called not only to carry a message; they are called to be a message!

Before we become a message, there are 7 works that the Spirit of God must accomplish in our lives. This is where the “way for the Lord” is prepared in our own lives as fore runners!

1 – Prepare the way:  Yield our will.

2 – Make straight: Deal with compromise.

3 – Raise up valleys: Heal our wounds.

4 – Lower hills and mountains: Build faith into our hearts.

5 – Level rough ground: Bring balance into our lives.

6 – Transform rugged ground into a plain: Impregnate us with life.

7 – Reveal God’s Glory: Develop intimacy and transparency.

Preparing the way for the people: (Isaiah62:10-12)

Once a fore runner has been formed in the Heart and will of God, He or she can the n be that message to the people (church) in preparing them to go out in to the Harvest.

This is where a fore runner begins to “prepare the way for the people” by preparing the church!

Once again; there are 7 works that must be accomplished in the life of a church before it can effectively carry the Gospel message to the Nations.

1 – Pass through the gates: Establish powerful worship.

2 – Prepare the way for the people: Train and equip workers.

3 – Build up the highway: Establish covenant relationships.

4 – Remove the stones: Embrace the ministry of reconciliation.

5 – Raise a banner for the Nations: Equip and release intercessors.

6 – See your savior comes: Develop prophetic vision.

7 – You will be called “sought after”: Be prepared and available.

** A true fore runner ministry will not focus its energy on tearing down the old; but will focus on building the new vehicle that will embrace the Lord and His kingdom; as well as the new generation of warriors that will come into His House.

Simply put: Fore runners, whether they are individuals, churches, businesses or a Nation are a message and a model of the Heart of the King, and His kingdom to be established.

One does not establish by tearing down; but rather by building up.

** This is why the first stage in the wilderness is so crucial: for it is in the wilderness that we come to truly know our King and carry His Kingdom in our hearts.

** As with all callings; some fore runners are called to a local ministry; others to a region, a nation, or the Nations at large.

Father God is calling forth fore runners into all spheres of society; so that a societal transformation can truly reflect His Kingdom!