Faithful to Our Calling

 by Dan Goddard

Faithful to our calling: (Jeremiah 2:1-3)

 Q. Have I remained faithful to God’s calling for my life?

Q. Is the vision and purpose for my life still clear to me?

Q. Am I still passionate about, and pursuing my destiny?


Q. Am I working things out in my head; guided by reason, logic, and circumstances?

Q. Is passion and vision mostly a memory, and my present a drifting ship; filled with confusion and regret?


Q. Have I ever had a deep sense of purpose and destiny in life?


Q. How did I first come alive with a passionate sense of purpose and calling from God for my life?

My story:

I discovered my purpose and calling in life as I encountered God as a loving Father. To the extent that I was healed of a broken heart, and set free from my orphan ways: I began to come alive.

My heart began to beat to the rhythm of God’s heart; discovering what moved Him. My Father began to tell me why He had created me, and the purposes for my life that brought Him joy.

I began to dream big and express how I truly felt; not caring if people agreed or were comfortable with my dreams.

My greatest desire is to be a son to my heavenly Father the way that Jesus is, and be a brother and lover to Jesus as He is to me!

This desire has caused me to study the life and heart of Jesus, and to spend time listening to His heart for me.

Knowing that I have a unique purpose and calling for my life has given me strength and purpose to go through the many trials that form Godly character, and release me into compassion and perseverance.

In our text, God is reminiscing about the deep intimacy that Israel once had with Him. Because Israel was so in love with God, they willingly followed Him through dry deserts and lonely places.

God covered and protected them as they stayed close to Him.

We know the history; when their hearts turned from God, they quickly wanted to go back to the place of their bondage, and no longer desired to live an adventure with their creator and Father.

* As we stay close to God’s heart, our hearts are protected, and we stay faithful to our “first love” and purpose in life.

* To the extent that we drift away from the heart of God, our vision clouds over, and passion cools down; we begin to live life guided by reason, emotion and circumstances; playing it safe.

*I believe that we begin to drift away from our calling as we focus on both our successes and failures, circumstances, and the opinions of those who do not have a covenant relationship with us.

To the extent that I am influenced by logic, I will shut down my heart.

*The greatest influence on my life must be the heart of God and the voice of God; not my circumstances; good or bad!

Q. How can I renew passion and faithfulness for both God and my calling in life?

A. I must become vulnerable, real and transparent; first before God, and then before people. I cannot continue to play it safe and live in denial of my heart.

I must choose to come close to Father God’s heart; so that He can restore me to pursue my calling.


Holy Spirit, please reveal to me this day the true state of my heart. Tell me the truth about my relationship with Father God, and with those around me.

Show me where wounds, disappointments, failures and successes; have influenced me to respond more to people and circumstances, than to you.

Forgive me for breaking your heart as I have drifted away from you, and turned from my calling in life.

Please pour your love and truth into my broken heart today.