“Exposing the Orphan Spirit” The Chronicles:

by Dan Goddard


Chapter 1: “Where and when it all began”.

 (Revelations chapter 12) (Isaiah 14:12-15) (Ezekiel 28:12-17)

 Satan’s fall from his place as the chief Cherubim in heaven; came as a direct result of pride. He became proud of his beauty and authority: to the point that he dared to challenge God for the throne.

Satan desired to “be like God”; and he used this same desire to “be like God” as his ultimate strategy to tempt Adam and Eve; bringing about their own fall from fellowship with God.

How different things would have been, if Adam and Eve had responded: “We are already created in the image of God”.

 Chapter 2: “The aborted destiny of Satan and his demons”.

 (Hebrews chapter 1) (1st Corinthians 6:1-3)

  • Angels are called to worship God!
  • Angels are called to serve God!
  • Angels are called to serve God’s sons and daughters!

 Satan desired to be worshiped and served the way God was, so; he started a war in heaven; with one third of the angels following him into battle against God Himself.

This brought Lucifer and his followers an immediate expulsion from heaven, and an eternal judgment of separation from God.

 Chapter 3: “Why does Satan hate us so?”

 (Ephesians 1:3-5) (Romans 8:29-30) (Psalms 139:15-16)

(Genesis 1:26-28)

The death and resurrection of the “second Adam” Christ: opened the door to eternal life for all who come to the Father, seeking forgiveness.

We then become sons and daughters of God our Father, and Co-Heirs of our brother Yeshua.

One day, we will fully share our Fathers glory in heaven; and be reinstated to the position, and authority, that we lost in the garden.

*** We will be as superior to the angels as Christ is now!

Not only will we have glorified, and immortal bodies; we will participate in the final judgment of the angels.

*** This is the destiny and inheritance of all sons and daughters!

   I believe that Satan overheard the Father and the Son speaking of the day, when they would create Mankind in Their own image.

He overheard them speak of a creation that would be like God, and carry the Glory and Heart of God Himself; in a way that no angel ever could.

This triggered a jealous pride in the heart of Lucifer, and in that moment: the ultimate orphan was born!

   Satan rose up, and tried to abort this glorious Family of God, by attempting to remove the Father from the throne.

Many times throughout history; he has tried to destroy the lineage of Christ: starting with Adam and Eve, all the way down to Jesus Himself.

Still today; He is warring against God’s children with every tactic that can be used to separate us from our Father for all eternity. At the end of the millennial rule of Christ; Satan will try to take over once again. This is when his final judgment will come!

*** Satan rose up against God, because he feared that he would lose his place. This is the seed of all orphan ways, and ultimately leads to many choosing Satan to Father them.

 Chapter 4: “The battle for our hearts”.

 (Romans 8:5-15) (John 8:42-44) (1st John 3:1-10)

Each one of us comes onto this world, in the midst of a great battle.

Father God creates us in His image, and gives us a spirit to communicate with him, a heart to love Him, a free will to choose with, emotions to express with, and a conscience to discern with.

The whole purpose of our existence; is to choose God as our Father, and then love and obey Him with our whole heart.

God simply longs for a Family of sons, and daughters; that choose to spend eternity with Him; because they love Him!

 But Satan; the ultimate orphan is waiting for us the moment we are born.

He is the “Father of lies”, and seeks continually to influence us to accept him as our father.

His purpose: to kill us both physically and spiritually: then separate us eternally from God the Father.

 Chapter 5: “The inheritance”.

 (Romans 8:16-17) (Galatians 4:6-7) (Psalms 2:7-8)

Our inheritance is: eternal life; an eternity spent with God, and a Family composed of brothers and sisters from every Tongue, Tribe and Nation on earth.

Together, we will be intimately joined with Yeshua, our big brother forever, on a new earth, and in a new home.

This is the great wedding between Jesus the Bridegroom, and the Church; His Bride.

 ***Satan’s hatred and anger is so intense: because we have an inheritance that he will never have: one that is reserved for the sons and daughters of God alone, and that no angel will ever share!

 Chapter 6: “Like Father like Son”. (Matthew 24:10-14)

 *** This age old proverb is true: for both Good and Evil!

Much of the Churches behavior is that of an orphan.

Satan has found many subtle; and not so subtle ways, to influence the church, and mentor us into living like orphans in relationship to one another.

His activity, and level of influence on the Body of Christ to manifest his orphan ways; is going to greatly increase as we near the return of Christ.

The reason for this is simple. Satan knows scripture!

He knows that there will be a great harvest of souls before Christ returns.

He also knows that there will be a revelation of the Sons and Daughters of God on this earth. Therefore: he will seek to destroy all that he can; before he is bound for a thousand years.

 Chapter 7: “It is Time to choose who Fathers us!”

 (Hebrews chapter 12:1-12)

*** True Fathering is done in our hearts.

It is our hearts that determine whether we live as orphans or Sons.

It is true that we are complex beings; with minds, emotions and a physical body that all interact with our spiritual hearts.

Yet; it is our spiritual hearts that relate to God, and only our heart can choose who Fathers us.

Father Gods love is unconditional and limitless; yet we must allow Him to love and Father us.

Fathers discipline is always intended to bring us freedom, and life.

The only path to becoming true sons and daughters; is to open our hearts to unconditional love, and to loving discipline.

 Every time we close our hearts to love: we choose to live as orphans!

Every time we chose to reject God’s discipline: we choose to be fathered by Satan!

Chapter 8: “True sons and daughters revealed”.

 (Hebrews 12:25-29) (Romans 8:18-22) (Matthew 5:43-48)

It is the fires of Rejection and purification; that reveal the true sons and daughters of God.

There must be a distinction between that which is of love; and that which is of fear and control.

The Kingdom of God will last forever. Only that which is of God’s Kingdom will stand.

True sons and daughters will not only embrace the shaking that will come upon the whole earth: They will long for it, and cry out for it in their own lives, families, churches, cities and Nations.

*** For it is this shaking; that will reveal the Father, and his sons and daughters, to this broken and enslaved world!

 Chapter 9: “Come into the light!”

 (John 3:19-21) (Ephesians 5:1-11)

Orphans fear the light, and see it as judgment and rejection!

Sons and daughters embrace the Light, seeing healing and freedom!

 It is time for all orphan ways in the Body of Christ; to be revealed by His Light, and healed by His Love!

 Prayer: Father; I come before you now and present you my heart.

Please shine the light of your Glory into every room of my heart; and reveal my orphan ways; that I might repent.

   Please pour your unconditional love into my heart, and Father me; as I have always dreamed of being Fathered and Mothered.

Father; I want to be a son/daughter to you the way Jesus is!

Jesus; I want to be a brother/sister to you, and to others, the way you are a brother to me!

Father; I want to father/mother others; the way you Father me!

I give you permission to do whatever it takes; that I might fulfill my destiny. Amen!