Embracing Rejection

by Dan Goddard


Rejection; is a very real part of every individual life. When we encounter rejection, it is like a rock that is dropped in front of us, as we walk along our life’s path.

When we face that rock, we have a choice to make; that will determine our future, and ultimately; whether or not we walk in our calling, and fulfill our destiny.


Choices that we can make:

a-    Sit down and hope that the rock removes itself: i.e. Complain, pray against it, pretend that it does not exist.

b-   We try to move the rock: i.e. Defend our reputation, criticize our accusers.

c-    Choose a different path by turning back: i.e. Give up, self doubt, self pity, or depression.

d-   Look for a way around the rock: i.e. Pride (nothing can stop me), independence, self sufficiency.

The right response is this: Father this rock of rejection is very real, and it hurts. Please heal my heart, and show me how I can allow you to use it to build my character and fulfill my destiny.

* Every rock of rejection that I encounter has great potential:

1- Either as a stumbling stone used by Satan to weaken my character, and keep me from my destiny in God.

2- Or as a foundational building stone; to form my character and heart into that of Christs, and launch me into my destiny!

Examples of rejection being a stumbling stone: (Genesis 4:1-12)

Cain could have embraced God’s rejection of his sacrifice, and had humility formed into his character. Instead; he got offended, retaliated, and paid for his attitude the rest of his life as a restless wanderer.

** Rejection is harder to embrace from those who are closest to us!

It is especially hard to embrace rejection, when the rejection is justifiable: because that means that there is something in our character, and heart attitude that needs to change!

King Saul is another example of what happens when we encounter a justifiable rejection; but retaliate, rather than repent.

 Saul’s repeated disobedience caused God to reject him as king.

David was anointed to replace Saul as king. Saul could have followed the example of his son Jonathan, and embraced the rejection.

Instead, he got offended, and partnered with Satan to try and kill David. Saul chased David around the wilderness for 20 years, and spends his last night on earth in a witch’s house. The next day he dies shamefully, in a senseless battle. (1st Samuel 15:22-23)

** Retaliation against rejection will always bring some form of death!

**Embracing rejection; will always bring forth maturity and life!


Rejection: the building stone.

Joseph’s life; is a powerful example of rejection bringing forth life!

  His brothers reject him, and sell him into slavery. Potiphar’s wife betrays him, and puts him in prison. The king’s cup bearer forgets him in prison.

All of this finally molds Joseph’s heart, and character; to the place that he is able to fulfill his calling and destiny: to save both the Egyptians, and his own people, from starvation and death.


Joseph faces, and passes the ultimate test, when he faces his brothers who had so terribly rejected him; so many years ago.

(Genesis 45:1-11) (Genesis50:15-21)


Jesus, is of course; the greatest example of how to embrace rejection; in order to bring forth life!

(Isaiah 53:1-12)  (Luke 23:32-34)


Question: How do I transform a stumbling stone of rejection; into a building stone of character and destiny?


1-      I ask God to forgive me for any wrong responses to rejection.

2-      I ask people to forgive me for any retaliation and bad attitudes.

3-      I forgive, and bless those who have rejected me.

4-      I ask God to use the rock of offense to build my character, and carry his heart.

5-      I seek healing from the wounds of rejection, and embrace the Father’s love into my life!

When I experience any form of rejection from Father God, or those that he allows to unjustly reject and judge me; it is not meant to destroy me, but rather, it is discipline that will bring greater healing and authority into my life: if I embrace it!