Distractions Oppose Our Destiny

by Dan Goddard

We are living in a time period where God is establishing the church in her end time destiny. This is being done first on an individual level, and then on a corporate level.

Those who resolve the inner conflict of personal desires versus the Kingdom of God; will join together in covenant relationships to walk out an incredible adventure of establishing the Kingdom of God on earth!

   The final Harvest and the return of Christ for His Bride depend largely upon the depth to which we embrace this present move of God. Yes, God is moving powerfully right now; but it is a move of shaking everything that can be shaken, and an exposing of the true state of our hearts.

This is not easy to embrace, yet it is crucial to our fulfilling our destiny as the Bride of Christ. (Hebrews 12:25-29).

God’s purpose for this “Move of the Spirit”; is to remove everything that weakens the Body of Christ through division, defilement and distractions from our true destiny.

This is a time for healing and deliverance from divided hearts!

 King Solomon had a powerful destiny to lead the nation of Israel. King David gave Solomon the keys to his destiny, and the building of God’s Kingdom. (1st Chronicles 28:1-10)

1-   Wholeheartedness – an undivided heart (sans partage)

2-   A willing mind – focus, discipline (ame bien dispose)

Solomon’s distractions: (1st Kings 11:1-6)

As a result of not dealing with the distraction in his life, Solomon failed to fulfill his destiny at the end of his life!

New Testament scriptures urge us to pursue our destiny also:

(Philippians 3:10-4:1) (Romans 8:5-6)

*** In each of these passages there is a phrase that is the heart of that chapter and the heart of this teaching.

Both phrases are the literal translation of a single Greek word:

Romans:“minds set on”.

Philippians:“mind is on”.

Strong’s New Testament lexicon #5858, Greek word: phroneo: to think, have a mind set. The activity represented by this word involves the will, affections, and conscience.

   These three areas of our being are constantly targeted by distractions, and to the extent that we yield to these distractions, we are unfulfilled in our calling; and ineffective as sons and daughters in our Fathers Kingdom.


Our will:

1- Our God given; ability to choose between good and evil

2- The power to discipline our body, mind and soul.

3- Our one faculty that Satan cannot control without our consent; and the same faculty that God will not control without our consent.

   ** Our free will is the rudder that steers the ship of our destiny. It is the key that locks and unlocks our hearts. To yield up this key to our Father and Creator is a powerful statement that stirs his heart, and causes hell to tremble. For to submit my will to another is to say: “I trust you totally; without measure and without reserve. Here is the key to my heart: my deepest longings, passions, and affections. I belong to you, and I have no will outside of you”!

  Whoever has control of the rudder (gouvernail) steers the ship!

Who is in control?

1-   Me?

2-   God?

3-   The influence of people?

4-   Satan’s deception?


My affections are the very essence of my heart.

They are the treasures that I continually, admire and polish.

My affections are an appetite that is insatiable, and that I am committed to continually feed.

My affections are a fire that I willingly allow to consume my time and energy, and a fire that I seek to draw others to: to sit and gaze upon the burning of my passions, longings, (soupires) and desires.

   If my will is the key to my heart; to unlock its passion and energy; that is to say: if I choose by my will where my affections lie, and where my passions burn; then those affections with all the time, energy, places and people they involve; are the destiny that I live!

My will= Rudder that steers my destiny.

              = The key to unlock my hearts affections and passions.

    ***    = The direction of my life!

My affections = Time and energy spent.

                        = Focus and priorities.

                        = The people that I relate to.

                        = The destiny that I am now living.

   ***               = The investment of my life!

 My conscience:

1-   A spiritual mechanism that operates deep within my spirit; independently of my will and affections.

2-   A mechanism that does not depend upon reason or emotion to function, because it is part of the Image of God in which I am created.

My conscience is directly linked to the Spirit of God, and is the communicator of the Will and the Truth of God to my being.

Like a compass, my conscience gives clear direction to my will; to enable my will to choose God’s way.

My conscience also reveals light and darkness, life and death, and truth and lies.

 My conscience is a true friend, who as an ambassador from God continually seeks to draw me into a more intimate fellowship with my Heavenly Father.

As an integral part of my spiritual being, my conscience seeks to influence my will and affections to submit to my spirit; and in turn for my spirit to submit to the Spirit of God.

 In essence, my conscience is a representative of Holy Spirit who is seeking my full cooperation with Him; in the conforming my life to the blue print for my life: that is to fulfill my destiny.

 My will: determines the direction of my life.

 My affections: determine where I invest my life.

 My conscience:influences the integrity of my life.

 *** These three will determine my destiny!