Conversations With Father

by Lupe’ King


Dear God, Life springs eternal in the waterfalls of Your love.  After an incredibly long winter (spiritual) it seems Spring has finally arrived, YEH God!

My spirit hears birds singing their new songs and I see the brightness of the sun (Son) shine and it makes me smile.  I feel glad!  I am so glad You are My Father, glad that I was not created by the lust or will of man but that I was conceived first in You heart for all good purposes and goals!


Appreciation comes from hearts of thankfulness and hearts filled with praise!  My children make My heart glad and cause Me to smile.

*Daddy every time my spirit sees You smile, it sees flowers bud and spontaneously bloom, great growth comes from nature.


Nature is O so sensitive to MY Spirit.  It knows My voice, ever since I spoke the words, “Let there be…!”

*God, how great You are, I see myself spinning around, dancing in joy, happy and blessed, colors emerging all around me; they are alive.  I see them moving and morphing into more colors with more and more movement and I sense joy through them!


The unseen realm is exploding in colors and movement all the time.  My children are greatly blessed to be able to experience these things.

Sensitivity to My realms are accessible to every Child of Mine.  They have but to give themselves to childlike faith-and you possess much of it, I am glad!

*Daddy, I can never possess enough of it and am sorry for those that do not,  this makes me sad.


Yes the material world; the lust of the eyes and the pride of life are a great barrier for growth and maturity in the spirit realm…

There are those that are satisfied with temporary joys…it is truly an illusion that they believe in.  Earthly pleasures and treasures are here today and gone tomorrow.

Creation-man is continually being left with voids from broken promises, false desires, and make-believe outcomes.

They were not created for such sadness and brokenness-they were created for eternal hope, joy, and happiness.  They were created to be loved, accepted, and cared for by Me, their loving and eternal Father-who changes not!  I am the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

*Yes, Father, I agree that Creation-man is/was created for better things, heavenly things and I cry out for them…Father cause them to turn to You!

Father, I am seeing myself within orbs of vibrations and am feeling Your heart beat inside of mine, thank You for this manifestation of Your Presence.

Father help us all!  We must all spend more time with You that we would become more like You; wiser and stronger by being in Your Presence.


Yes, I agree it is difficult for My earthly tabernacles…the flesh always has a fit each time it feels threatened.  Growth and maturity in Me speak annihilation to the flesh.

May all My children continue to feed off of Me as much as they can, they shall decrease and I shall increase.

As My Children continue to seek My face they will experience more of Me as time progresses and will know to be prepared for My heavenly visitations as they have never experienced them before, they will become orbs and waves of My glory.

*Daddy, I can see You laughing as You speak of this.  I am so glad that You are a Father that so enjoys being with His children.


I love what I see and feel when I look at you and into your heart!  You make Me glad!

*ABBA, Thank You for sharing Yourself with me and doing coffee with me today, I look forward for more!!!

With much love,

Your armored sparrow



Yes! Be blessed, please go and make disciples!  I am so proud of you, My shining one!


Much Love,