Carrying the Father’s Glory

by Dan Goddard

John 17:20-23 (NIV)


Jesus said that: “He gave us the same Glory that the Father gave Him; so that we might be one as He and the Father are one;” and that as a result; we would come into true unity and the world would have a revelation of the Fathers love.


Question: # 1- What is the Glory that the Father gave to Jesus?

Question: # 2- In which ways are Jesus and the Father one?


Answer: # 1- “Glory”- Greek (Doxa) honor, prestige, respect, renown, fame, distinction, notoriety, recognition, approval

   Theologically, with respect to believers, it signifies their exalted status as the objects of divine approbation and blessedness.

Simply put: the Glory that the Father gave to Jesus was; His approval of Him; and a place of honor.


Answer: # 2- Verses (21) and (23) use the terms “I in them” and “you in me”. “You are in me” and “I am in you”.

These four terms in the Greek are all a single word: (En) in, with, by, at.

    Meaning: a specific place with definite space or limits.

Simply put: Jesus and the Father were one; by being together physically in the same place, at the same time; and by sharing one heart and mind in both their fellowship and their actions.


     Therefore; Jesus was declaring in prayer; “that He had given us the same position of honor and approval that the Father had given Him; so that we might not only physically go to heaven to be together one day, but that here on earth we might share deep intimate fellowship together with them, and also be moved to imitate their actions because we share the same heart and mind as the Father and the Son do.”

Question# 1- What position did the Father honor His Son with?

Question# 2- How did He perform the ceremony?

Question# 3- What protocol gift did the Father give to His Son?


   The answers to these questions are in (Matthew 3:16-17).


Answer# 1- Jesus was honored as a Son.

Answer# 2- The Father spoke words of love, honor and approval.

Answer# 3- The Father gave His Holy Spirit.


This then, is what Jesus was saying in John chapter17: “as you begin to walk in your positions of being honored sons and daughters who are in intimate fellowship with Me; your relationships with one an other will be so transformed that the people of the world will believe that our Father exists, and that He loves them unconditionally.


1-   We have the same Father as Jesus (Matthew 6:9).

2-   We have the same position as Jesus (Romans 8:15-16).

3-   We have the same Holy Spirit as Jesus (John 14:26).

4-   We are equally loved as Jesus was (John 17:23).

5-   We have the same inheritance as Jesus (Romans 8:17).

6-   We share the same authority as Jesus (John 14:12-13).


** This world is literally dying as it waits for the church to “become one as Jesus and His Father are one”; so that we might reveal the Glory of God to them!


Orphans and slaves will never reveal the Glory of God; that honor is reserved for sons and daughters!


Read: Psalms 2:7-8, Romans 8:15-23, John 15:7-17