An Exhortation: 3 Keys to Living in These Last Days

by Dan Goddard

This past summer I spent a week in the James Bay wilderness of Northern Quebec. Although I was attending a worship gathering with some of my closest friends; my deepest purpose in being there, was to get alone in the wilderness to receive Father’s heart and direction for the season that we have now entered into.

After several days of enjoying the solitude and abundance of the Land (fish and wild blueberries), Father began speaking to my heart this exhortation that I will now share with you:

  “You are living in the last unfolding scene of history before my Son’s return. To fulfill your destiny as a son and release my Kingdom on earth; you must now begin to walk in a place of Deep Love, Deep Rest and simplicity of heart and life style.

Q- What does the final scene of history look like?

A (Matthew 24:4-14) & (Luke 21:25, 26)

Q- What does deep love look like?

A- (Luke 23:34) (1st Corinthians 13:4-7). Holy Spirit told me that    Verse 5 of (1st Corinthians 13) was of utmost importance in the days we are living: “keeps no record of wrong”. We must walk free from offense and we must always forgive and bless our enemies! (Matthew 5:43-48)

Q- What does deep rest look like?

A- Isaiah 30:15) (Zephaniah 3:17) the words: “repentance” & “trust” are keys to living in a place of deep rest! Like Jesus, we must only do what we see the Father doing, and say what the Father is saying… Our spirits are like a deep pool of water. Those waters must be calm, so that we can clearly hear and see with our spiritual ears and eyes! Those waters are calmed as we come daily into the arms of Abba our Father and lay our head against his heart.


Q- What does simplicity of heart and life style look like?

A- (Matthew 6:25-34) (Matthew 18:1-4) Childlike faith and trust in our Father must dominate our very lives! Striving for success, recognition and the comforts of this world will prove to be a deadly snare in these days…


Father, I give you permission to shine your light into every corner of my being. Please show me where I still walk in judgment and un-forgiveness towards any individual. Teach me to come into yours arms each day and to be quieted by your love. I give you all my ambitions for success, and repent of fear of man and the seeking of significance in what I do; rather than, who I am as your child. Amen!