A True Friend

by Dan Goddard

Destiny Series:

 “A true friend”- (John 15:12-17)

  • Those whom we choose as our friends; will have a powerful affect on our lives and our destinies!
  • They will either encourage us to go for it, or; they will influence us to compromise and fit in!
  • True friends will lay down their lives for each other; so that they may mutually fulfill their destinies!

Question: How do my friends influence me?

Question: Do I have covenant friends; or convenient friends?

Question: Am I the kind of friend that rejoices when others succeed; even if their success costs me something….?

Example of a covenant friendship

(1st. Samuel 17:57-18:4)


(20:1-17), (41-42)



(2nd Samuel 1:25-26)

** True friends are powerful intercessors!

Question: Am I a true friend?

Question: Do I have true friends?

Question: What hinders me from embracing covenant friendships?

Examples: Fear of rejection, Cost, Inconvenience, Other peoples opinion, an offended spirit, Lack of vision, Jealousy, Intimidation.


Father, I ask you to shine your lamp of truth deep into my spirit. I cry out for you to set me free from all that hinders me from truly embracing covenant relationships; and from all that hinders me from being a true friend…   Amen