A Heart of Mercy

by Daniel Goddard


We are living in a very difficult time in the history of our country, and within the Body of Christ. (2nd Timothy 3:1-5)

Ungodliness and blatant immorality are not only gaining a secure place in society; but they are being encouraged and propagated by parts of the Church itself.

Add to this the increase of divorce, abortion and the Gay agenda, and we have to say: It is going badly indeed!

But! But! We must learn to see with our spiritual eyes, as well as our natural eyes.

If we only evaluate with our natural eyes, and with the natural mind; we will end up in serious trouble. We will certainly become discouraged, frustrated, critical, judgmental, and ready to quit: in fact; many have already gone down this path.


*** It is critical for us to see through the eyes of mercy, or our love for God, and our compassion for people will quickly grow cold.

Now, more than ever before; we need to know Father God’s heart!

(Matthew 5:7), (Matthew 9:9-13), (Luke 6:35-36)


The heart of God always sees the potential of those created in His image. His compassion releases hope to the broken, so that they can embrace repentance, and fulfill their destiny.

(1st Peter 1:3-5) – God has shown us mercy!

(Ephesians 2:1-9) – We also were once ungodly rebels!

(Titus 3:1-7) – We must be diligent to guard our hearts and tongues, so that we don’t join in with the accuser of the brethren.

 Example of mercy: (John 8:1-11)

** Legalism blinds us to God’s heart of mercy and compassion!

 We know that in the last days before the return of Christ, that darkness and evil will increase on the earth. We also know that deception and cold love will increase in the church; as well as persecution against true Christianity.

But: This is not the end! To the contrary; these are the days in which the glory of God will be poured out on the earth as never before. Those who remain faithful in love will walk in an intimacy with God that most of the church has only dreamed of. The faithful ones will carry great authority to demonstrate the Kingdom of God on earth!

The end of this age will see the greatest harvest of souls since the dawn of creation.

Satan’s trap is to get us focused on the devastation around us, so that we give in to hopelessness. When we do, we can no longer see through the eyes of mercy.

My prayer for you: (Romans 15: 13)

 What are the wounds and wrong heart attitudes that can hinder us walking in mercy to those around us?

1-    A lack of experiencing mercy in our own lives. When we were not shown mercy from those in authority, we believed a lie that we do not deserve mercy, and so are unable to show mercy to others. We also come to believe that God is not merciful, and that mercy is either weakness or even disobedience in the application of the law. In other words: we become hard hearted.

2-    Religion and legalism lead to a craving for human justice. This in turn leads to a judgmental attitude and cold love. Eventually; those who crave human justice grow bitter, vengeful, unforgiving and angry. This then leads to living in fear towards God; striving to please Him; never at rest!

*** Freedom comes through repenting for our hard hearts, and allowing God to Father us with His unconditional love.

Each encounter of Fathers love will tenderize our hearts, and give us a deeper understanding of His incredible Mercy!