A Father’s Prayer

by Dan Goddard

A Fathers Prayer                 Part-1

 (Ephesians 1:1-23)

The apostle Paul was passionate about two things:

1-   Having an intimate relationship with his heavenly Father at all costs.

2-   As a spiritual father he was passionate to see his children come to know the incredible love of God; and discover their destiny and fulfillment in the Fathers love.

 In his letter to the Ephesian church Paul makes several powerful statements and passionate pleas in prayer for his spiritual sons and daughters.

 (Vs.2) – God is our Father.

 (Vs.3) – Father has an incredible inheritance and blessing to pour into our lives because of our relationship with Jesus.

 (Vs.4-5)- Father conceived us in love before the foundation of the world.  Even then He had a plan to adopt us as His sons and His daughters. Father planned all of this in love and the very thought of us being with Him forever brings Him pleasure.

 (Vs.6) – Father gave Jesus as a love offering from His heart to declare our value to Him.

 (Vs.7-8)- Father does not abandon us floundering in our sin but lavishly provides us forgiveness and restoration.

 (Vs.9-10)-Father takes great pleasure in us His children. He has already planned for the day that He will have us in His presence face to face.

 (Vs.11-14)-Father has placed His own Spirit in our hearts as a statement that we are His sons and His daughters. Holy Spirit is proof of our Fathers love and His promise to bring us together with Him forever. Our embracing Holy Spirit brings Glory to our Father.


(Ephesians 1:17-21)

 My prayer for you:

 Holy Spirit; rise up in these sons and daughters with a burning desire to know who their Father really is. Remove the blindness, expose the lies and heal the brokenness that hinders them from truly knowing you. Father as they begin to see the incredible love that you have for them, may hope surge like a mighty wave in their spirit, releasing them into a destiny that is filled with profound intimacy and great authority to bring life. May they never live as orphans again but rather as sons and daughters that have an inheritance.


A Fathers prayer              Part 2

 (Ephesians 2:1-3)-Father rescued us from spiritual death when we couldn’t care less. Jesus gave His innocent life for us the guilty.

 (Vs.4-5)- Father is filled with compassion and His heart for us is mercy, not judgment.

 (Vs.6)- Our status with God is that of sons and daughters. Father loves us just as much as He loves Jesus. Heaven is also our true home.

 (Vs.7)- Father longs for the day when He can express His love and kindness to us face to face.

 (Vs.8-9)- Our eternal destiny with Father has nothing to do with our goodness and spirituality. Eternal life is purely an act of love and mercy from our Father.

 (Vs.10)- Father has a destiny for which He conceived each one of us .As we unite our hearts with Jesus, we are empowered to build our Fathers Kingdom together.


 A Fathers prayer         Part 3

 (Ephesians 3:14-21)       Dan’s version

 Father, I pour my heart out to you on behalf of my brothers and sisters; your sons and daughters.

  Oh Father! By your Spirit, pour your love deep into the child that lives within each being that you created in your image. Father I know that this will release tremendous passion in them to be like Jesus.

May love be the foundation that anchors their lives and that draws them into a passionate pursuit to experience your love with their whole, being. Father, create a hunger to know you not only in the dimensions of mind, body and soul but also to know you in that spiritual dimension that has no human limitations.

  Father, allow each one to touch you so intimately that they will not be satisfied until the fullness of your love is their reality.

  Father I thank you for always doing far more than we can ask for or even imagine because your love for us is so extravagant. How incredibly powerful is your love that changes us from the inside out!

  Please take over our lives Jesus so that together we can reveal the incredible love of our Father. Amen!