In The Zone

Worship in the gloryWorship in the Glory (c) Artwork by Murray Hart

In The Zone by Lupe’ King

At  times when steeped  with Holy Spirit, I wind up: caught-up,  sucked in and up by the atmospheres of heaven, where my experiences are multifaceted ; knowing my feet are planted on this side of heaven, yet my spirit-man reaches out with no restraints to Holy Spirit happenings.  I call these experiences,” Being in the Zone,” or “In the Zone.”  You will notice these in some of my writings, with praise to the Father.

Enter in, the changing of times now begins, nothing remains the same forever in this earthly existence of ours, except in the Halls of Eternity where our realities will be forever.
We are sitting on the cusp of heaven invading earth.  Good things come via the benevolence of God; hard times come with His goodness becoming greater, stronger than the times.
It is here the times have arrived.  Let us stir the waters of joy and excitement with the Finger of Almighty God! 
Dare to believe, dare to step-into the open portals of Holy Spirit.  Grasp eternity and hold onto The Ancient of Days!  Shifting, sifting,  sands abound but you and I stand on solid ground.
Chaos and confusion meld into the groans of earth, but you and I are encapsulated in great and holy peace unaffected by ungodly chitter chatter.
Unsaved Creation-Man runs ramped and rabid, crying out to the rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from His Face!” You and I, we stand unwavering bearing mantels of confident reassurance, giving Wave Offerings to our Lord of Lords and King of Kings.
Waves of destruction are loosed ‘gainst us, but you and I, we loose waves of His glory and death is swallowed up in victory. 
The Ancient of Days comes forth in great array from His heavenly abode…Heaven and earth are consumed in holy stillness…Behold the quiet of heaven in spirit, mind, and body.
The stillness of the Ancient of Days birthing holy, quiet peace in our earthly tabernacles…We stand as in a time warp of Godly quiet and peace-saturated with the fragrance; the aroma of Jesus Christ.

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