Wisdom’s Way

by Lupe’ King

Wisdom’s Way

I seek the old and ancient

Pathways O’ Lord…


My ears are inclined

to Wisdom’s cry

I am awakened by

her raised voice…


Amidst the noisy intersections

of everyday life, Wisdom



At the entrance of our life gates

she releases an invite

to every man, woman,

and child, to every kindred,

tribe and tongue, saved and



“Turn away from wicked ways;

the lust of the eyes and the pride

of life!


Come and I will make

my ways known to you;

ancient and undefiled


Call upon me while

I may still be found


Love Holy knowledge,

it will lead you to the reverent

and worshipful fear of

the Lord!


Come! Let not backsliding

slay you, let not careless ease

destroy you!


Restrain your feet

from evil paths,

become filled with me

and know no regrets


Cry out for insight and raise

your voice for understanding

and I will enter your heart and

knowledge shall be

O’ so pleasant to you!”

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