Great One!

by Lupe’ King

How great You are, in the many stars and galaxies

I see the universe created

at Your spoken Word…


In the sunset, surrounded by mango colored skies

I see Your beautiful face…


Upon the Mesas of my heart and spirit

I feel the drum beat of your heart


In the whistling winds of the sand-storms

I hear the wisdom of Your ways


In the hot and blazing sun-I am healed

from my brokenness through the colorful rays of

Your splendor


In the gentle rains-I feel Your tears united with mine

and within Your compassion, I am accepted by

Your unconditional love


Within the aroma of fresh fallen rain and

the softened ground, I am once again united

with the ground that You took me from

and remember the words,

“Let us make man in our image”


Within the realm of feathered friends,

I hear their multi-varied songs, and I am reminded

of the joyful audience that awaits me to join them

in their cheerful songs to Creator


Amidst four legged creatures, I learn that there are times

for movement and times for rest, all found within

inward time clocks, unseen by Creation-man, yet

made known to us via the depth of Creator’s wisdom


Watery creatures teach me to flow and at times

to ride the waves, yes, the flow and the waves of the intrinsic

vibrations of our Ancient One’s sound…


We bow before You, Gitchie Manitou,

How awesome are You and how wonderful (full)

Your ways!

 Gitchie Manitou is” Great Spirit” in the Ojibwe language , the Host peoples of this land

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