Portrait of Extravagant Holy Love

David's Painting of Jesus 3 (2)Painting (c) by David Kieller / Jan. 2015

Extravagant Holy Love

By Donna Milham

This is the Face of the One that the world is waiting to see, to encounter, to gaze into!

The Face of Extravagant, Holy, Eternal – Never ending Love!

The Face of the One Who is Joy – Who is Love!

This is not the face of religion!

This is the Face of Mercy – for He came to pour out His all for every tongue, tribe and nation!

This is the Face that the world is waiting for- to be reflected from the faces of His children –

This is the Face that welcomes all to come and encounter His Divine Celebration over each and

This is the Face beaten beyond recognition at the Cross and radiates holy, glory beams teeming

This is the Face of Freedom – for He came to set the captives free!

This is the Face of Divine Acceptance and Divine Pardon!

from the faces of sons and daughters of the Most High God!

every one He created –that He longs to call His very own!

with the Power of Resurrection Life!

This is the Face He that invites each one of us to gaze upon, to live within –

to be convinced of

His Divine Smile over you!

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