Can You Hear the Sound of the Keys of the Kingdom

by Donna Milham


Sound of Keys of Kingdom

Sons of God

Walking in His authority

In plumbline truth

With righteousness, holiness

Releasing footsteps of holy light

Invading-pushing back darkness

Hear the weightiness of steps of sons of God

Releasing the authority of ‘on earth as it is in heaven’

Release the sound

In daily walk and lives

In song and prophetic decrees

In kingdom dominion prayer and intercession

In rhythm and dance

In the arts……..

Release the sound of the keys of the kingdom

The enemy shakes at this sound

Hear the cry – ‘it is finished’

Hear the sound of  ‘movement of the keys’

Rhythm of worship and intercession

Holy walk in rhythm and sync

With the Lion, Whose the Lamb, Whose the Lion

Whole earth responds to the sound of these keys

First Adam lost them, the Last Adam took them back

He is WITHIN – the authority – the sound that releases His Kingly Dominion

And shuts the gates of hell

Can you hear the sound

All of creation is awaiting its release!

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