Creations Praise

by Lupe’ King


Father, You are in Your sanctuary…in You we live and move and have our being…in us You live and move and have Your being.  Father, what a marvelous thing to feel Your movements.

 Your vibrations and shifts are seen and felt in the atmosphere…waves, and waves, and waves of Your glory.  Beautiful pastels explode and rainbows are alive!   Waving in and out, being moved by Your great wind, Your Breath!

Your breath O’ Father, has a sound, it is melodious.  It is happy and it is joyful.   Your laughter is heard and it is seen as well…multicolored bubbles springing up from Your divine atmosphere, Your laughter brings beautiful, miraculous changes and shifts. 

It is Spring in the atmosphere of our beings.  Beams of warmth come to invade our spirits.  It is God Time.

Your blessings, Father, are endless, and we step into Your endlessness.  There is a vortex of beautiful pastel colors and we, Your people, are being taken gently and lovingly into Your endless depths.

Tears of Joy are unending as awareness  SHOUTS,” The vortex has turned into His arms of love!”  Earth rejoices as blossoms have come and the turtle dove sings again! God how marvelous are Your works!  Creation bows down as the awareness of Your Presence is birthed in the seen and in the unseen realm.

There is a shift in the atmosphere of this terrestrial realm-Creation rejoices!  Recognition of its Creator has come, as it sings and sways with joy…Hallowed awareness, “Daddy’s here!”

Your tangible Presence is amidst us and we creation, have finally come home!

We are Yours and You are ours and nothing will ever be the same.



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