Divine Authority

by Lupe’ King


Divine Authority

This sketch speaks of the Divine Authority we have been entrusted to by Father via the shed blood of Jesus.

What is seen here is the divine spiritual action that is released when we as a people of God are required and do take a stand against the darkness of this world.

Power (His) is released when we defend Holy Ground as seen in the vibrations.  Light is released as seen in the rays, backed up by the physical action of speaking the command out as well.

The hand speaks of; work, service, spirituality, ministry activities, authority, power, possession permanence, blessings, strength, and control, that fulfill the Word and the will of God.

The Signet Ring bears an engraving; a seal used to officially mark documents, speaks of offerings, authority, high position (Gen. 41:42).

It is synonymous with power (Esther 8:2), wealth, abundance, rulership, and reconciliation.  All pointing to God’s providential protection and love for His own (Lk. 15: 22-23).

The Jewelry worn (Silver Bracelet) speaks of God’s unmatched wealth and power, it speaks of wisdom and understanding, royal wealth and authority, God’s spiritual Kingdom and transcendent permanence and value.

Silver speaks of redemption, treasure, refinement, great wealth, beautiful, rare, valuable, all that is precious, wisdom, and God’s promises (Ps. 12:6), also represents the soul and spiritual sphere

 (Ecc. 12:6).

  The Inscription reads:  Thus far and no further

 Job 38:11; speaks of boundaries that only God can and does set.

 And said, Thus far shall you come and no farther… (AMP)

 The Holy mandate spoken of in Deut. 11:18:Therefore you shall lay these My words in your (minds and hearts and in your entire) being, and bind them for a sign upon your hands… (AMP).



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