The Brush is the Breath

by Donna Milham


Each stroke of the painters brush

Moved by His Holy Breath of  Heaven

The Father blows upon His sons

Winds of revelation and creativity

He blows not once or twice but three times

Father – Son – Spirit  – The Holy Three

Who Spoke and brought forth Creation

This Breath – This release

This impartation of Heaven’s creative realms

Painters respond – lifting holy hands and brushes towards heaven’s skies

The Master Artist

Who paints the sunrises and sunsets

Pours into and upon His sons the colors of Heaven

Strokes of rhythms of Heaven’s praise

Stroke after stroke of each brush

In rhythm with the dance of the angels

Now descending to join in

With the praise from the brushes on canvases

Each stroke – releases worship unto the Worthy One

King of Glory receive all the praise

Each color – each rhythmic stroke

Unfolding another aspect of Who You Are








Faithful & True

Endless unveiling of Your Nature

All Eternity joins in this present moment

Those gone before us

Peering over balconies of Heaven

Rejoicing that others have take up where they left off

Blow, blow – Spirit Breath and Wind of God

Upon each painters brush

That Your Glory may be revealed

Each brush stroke releases praise unto You

Your Sacrifice

Your Resurrection

Your Dominion Authority

Be revealed

I received this poem on April 12, 2014 as the team of artists from Eagle & Dove spent an afternoon painting in God’s Presence.  I am not a painter, but a writer and so I too waited to receive from Him.  This is what I received. One of artists actually heard when we were in prayer – ‘the brush is the breath’.  When I heard that I knew immediately I needed to wait on the Lord for Him to speak the rest.



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