by Lupe’ King

Lupe's sketch 2

Transcend (To exceed) Exceed (to go beyond, to surpass)

The revelatory, prophetic meaning of this sketch is what the title is all about. 

I was drawn to sketch an ancient doorway, portal, an opening, into the realm of the spirit.  I had no idea what would unfold…multiple messages came forth…

From the outside (terrestrial realm) there is a grape vine bearing much fruit outstretched and wrapped around in and through the side of the portal. The vine itself speaks of life, the Blood of the Atonement, on earth as it is in heaven.

Within the portal spiritual realm, there are sheaves of wheat growing, this speaks of Bread/sustenance (…take eat, this is My body broken for you.”) It is an invite to Communion.

The land within the portal speaks of “Holy Ground.”  There is a boardwalk that starts on the outside (terrestrial realm) but goes into the portal (heavenly spiritual realm), access has been granted via holy authority; symbolic of the keys to death, hades, and the grave, granted to us the moment we accept and “step into,” God’s covenant of Love (Jn. 3:16).  There will always remain the choice whether to “step into” the portal or not to.

Coming out of the portal and making itself known in the earthly realm is a blowing Shofar, it is a calling forth of the exiles of His people Israel as well as the gentile nations, a calling forth to come and gather in His Presence.  Because it comes from within the heavenly sphere, it is a clear message, coming forth from divine sound.

The Shofar in ancient Israel and even today is blown on the Day of Atonement, back then it was released in the year of Jubilee to release the slaves of debts of which we all are…but for His grace… in one form or another, both earthly and spiritually in both realms.

There is both inside and outside the portal in the sky, a full Harvest Moon, declaring that it is reaping time, manifested in both realms on earth as it is in heaven, via His divine calendar and appointed time.  It speaks of the Fullness of Time.

Within the portal is the lock (the lock has fish engravings; speaking of “Fishers’ of men,”) that the keys unlock.  Again Keys do nothing unless there is a lock to unlock, the prerequisite is that the threshold from the earthly realm to the heavenly realm must be, “stepped into.”

“Worship,” is inscribed on top of the portal, signifying that a celebration is at hand as each makes their way over the threshold and into His promises.

Lk 3/18/14

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