Many Tribes, Many Nations


Lupe's sketchSketch & Word by Lupe’ King


Many Tribes, Many Nations…

I started this sketch with no thought of what it would turn out to be.  I was just sketching to practice.  What came through is clearly Father’s voice.

Nations! Nations! Nations!  Worldwide, all people groups, Hear Me!  My Gatekeeper angels of all tribes and tongues stand at and over your gates…many  things are set in motion and many things coming to the forefront.  Angels of intercession, wisdom, and revelation are poised and awaiting your movements of stepping into my divine cadence; writings; prose, poetry, that speak with My Spirit; paintings, sketches, colorful potteries that release My SHOUT!  My Glory!  My Praises!

Awaken to the senses I have put in you!  Pen to paper, paint to paintbrush to canvas!  The realization of My Presence is breaking forth through writings, paintings, and thousands of holy words being released through them.

Do not fear the public places, it is harvest time and time to gather and reap what has been sown, time to gather into the storehouse of My Presence.  The harvest is here and it is time to venture into the fields and reap the harvest of souls, they are waiting and looking for Me in you.

Be bold and courageous, be filled with My Spirit, sing and dance upon the threshing floor/s of My Presence.  Return to glean what may have been overlooked or discarded, I value ALL!  Let there be no one left behind.

The Sketch

Smoke-Incense is rising up to the Throne Room, prayers, intercession, arising from burden bearing intercessors.

Rainbow-Promises of God, covenant

Angel-Gatekeeper Angel, eyes closed (depth) in intercession for many tribes and tongues

Bandana-symbolizes covering, were it in color it would mirror the color of the rainbow of five (His grace) colors. 

Arms- stretched out, hands not seen, as it is beyond the scope of human eyes, intersession knows no bounds, nothing can withhold it or contain it.

Feather Earrings-It is an invite to all people groups, with an emphasis on the Host People of the Land, “Come, hear My voice and intercede for the many tribes and tongues that make up My Tribe!”

The Spirit of Intercession-arms outstretched waiting to embrace all that would step into this Holy Calling.

Fringe-bearing beads of many colors (like Joseph’s robe) interlaced throughout the fringe are the prayer cones of the Ojibwa Peoples; cones symbolizing prayers, in this case for humankind.

Ending with mountains (if in color they would be purple), for, “Purple Mountains Majesty,” symbolizing His great authority.



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