by Jennifer Beth Brinton

I hear Your voice calling down through the ages.
“Come and see what I have made for you,” You say. You whisper it on the wind.
You proclaim Your love for us in the colors and the sounds of all of creation.
Though I do not see You with my natural eyes, Your handiwork surrounds me,
and I am filled simultaneously with joy and with longing.

This is what You created me for, to know You and learn of You from these words
of love. That flower that was just the right shade of red with a hint of gold –– You told it to bloom on the right day at the right time, just so that I would see it. That bird that calls across the land in search of its mate –– You sent it on that search at the exact moment that I would hear it, even through the busyness of my day and even through concrete walls, so that I would hear the calling of Your heart to mine.

That wave that played with my feet on a hot summer day, cooling me down –– it was Your peace that washed over me then, reminding me that there is nothing to fear.You speak to me through the mouths of others, through a gaze, a touch. When I call out for Your embrace, You give me hugs that last for all of eternity –– for a good Father does not give a stone when His child asks for bread.

Even the stars, vast and scattered throughout all of time and space –– They
dance and sing before You, echoing the chorus of the angels and the entirety of creation.
They spin and fly in their courses, as You have set them, speaking with their actions of Your magnificence. The clouds in the sky, the ever ­changing masterpiece, speak epic poems of Your love for us.

And yet, You –– the Maker of all of this –– You choose to dwell in us. You
choose to live inside of us, if we will accept. It is Your delight to be with us, and not a burden for You –– and that makes all the difference!


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