Just A Child’s Eyes

By Daniel Goddard


Just like a child, I stand before your throne,

Seeing not the mighty scepter, or a massive seat of gold.

My eyes just see my Father, as I climb up on your chair,

Thinking no one else can see me; if they do, I just don’t care.


No one else can love me, just the way you do,

Before time and creation, I was always son to you.

This world and its battles, quickly fade from sight,

As I lean a little closer and your arms just hold me tight.


Strange how all my questions need no answer here,

Just the fact of being, like looking in a mirror.

My heart beats now with passion, whose flame burns in your eyes,

Just more of that great fire, to be my only prize.


The noise of all creation, will soon come to an end,

Just to hold your children, orphans become friends.

Warriors, priests, and kings, see God Almighty there,

But I, the child. Just see my Dad; seated on his chair.


  “I tell you the truth; anyone who will not receive the Kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.”


Yeshua (Jesus): Mark 10:15      (N.I.V.)







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